Gorilla is a ground dwelling herbivorous of primate species.

They have features similar to humans. Their character traits and the way they carry out themselves is also similar to human beings in one way or another. Naturally, they inhibit the tropical and the subtropical forests in Africa as explained in Wikipedia.

Gorilla is mostly overlooked as one of the best totems because of their closely related to human beings especially with their appearance and behavior. They also tend to explore the identity of human beings. They are very peaceful and quiet creatures that are usually misunderstood by many to be aggressive and fierce.

Symbolism of this animal as a totem is more important than the animal’s physical visible features and character traits. The natural habits and characters have great meaning and teachings to us.

Gorilla is considered to have symbolic attributes such as communication, loyalty, leadership, compassion, nobility, intelligence, strength and dignity among others. The following are some lesson we may learn from these characters of gorilla.

If gorilla is your totem animal, you should be very social and friendly just as they are. They good communicators and this enables them to relate well with one another. They are always in groups and they also have age groups. This shows a great sense of communication within the gorilla community.

We should have compassion for each. Gorillas empathize with and also assist the old and the young among them the community. They know each other. We also learn that we should be compassionate to one another just as the gorillas. They care so much about one another. When one of them is attacked, the whole groups rush to his rescue and help.

We should have good leadership. Gorillas get together and work as group without fierce struggles and war. They know that good leadership is all about the good charisma of leading people by example and wisdom as well as being calm. They are not very aggressive but charismatic when it comes to leadership.

They teach us to be noble in the society. Our behavior matters a lot and determines how people see us. If we have noble characters, we get respect from others in the society and we are able to socialize well with others.

Intelligence is another important aspect of gorilla that we need to embrace. They are very intelligent even in the way they see in their actions and faces. They act with wisdom and thoughtful ways. They remind us that we can still get knowledge from other sources apart from theories in the books. Some things are never written.

Gorilla shows responsibility and strength. We should take action to control our future by working hard towards achieving our dreams. We should not depend on others for everything nor start blaming others for our failures. When we fail we need to act swiftly by changing the criteria and techniques used in the situation. Hard work pays.

Try to think about gorilla. Take some time and ponder over it. You will realize that this is the kind of companion we need in life. The best example to the characters we need in life to live a fruitful life. You will realize that others will get attracted to you because of the kind of energy you posses in life.

Gorilla shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need the power to communicate effectively.
  • You are not faithful.
  • You are weary.
  • You lack compassion.
  • You are thoughtful.

Call on Gorilla as a spirit guide when

  • You need knowledge.
  • You need leadership qualities.
  • You need companion.
  • You need peace.
  • You need a quiet moment alone.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013