The bird goose with the qualities of inspiration, guidance and stability in symbolism is remembered as having sluggish and silly temperament in myth and lore.

Symbolic goose meanings include teamwork, willpower, fortification, courage, confidence, companionship, valor, fidelity and communication.

The history of goose is found in mythology and lore. It was considered to be a sacred bird in the temples. Geek mythology recognized geese as an animal of the winter solstice. Egyptian mythology depicted the deity Geb with a goose surmounting his head and the bird was clearly believed to be a solar creature. Celts used to associate this bird with war and battles because of its aggressive disposition and forceful nature.

Geese are believed to work and trek with comradeship, undertaking each journey with a new destination. They usually travel together in the form of flocks and skeins against the coast and are eminent for staying in groups while migrating to warmer places in winters.

It is believed that when any goose is wounded while traveling in a flock, another goose stays with it until it is healthy or passed away. It is said that a goose will never abscond its breed in complicated times.

Goose is represented by the Latin word “Semper Fidelis”, which means “always faithful” and “always loyal”. It is always seen to maintain good terms with its kind and being convivial, caring and neighborly. This bird has great skills of interpretation and is believed to have good senses.

It has the ability to foresee crucial times ahead and communicate these indications and warnings to its kin. Goose is considered to be very cooperative and helpful, always ready to lend a hand to its brethren.

Geese are believed to have great instincts as navigators and travel great distances very contentedly and comfortably, moving with valor and bravery. Geese can help people find the determination and strength of mind needed to go on with their missions.

Geese is said to be ferociously protecting and guarding their new ones. Their tactics develop a frightening impression through which they take care of their offspring. These furious approaches of this bird usually guard the goslings from attack.

Though the animal symbolism has continuously regarded goose as an omen of laziness and lethargy, people who have their animal totem as goose need not to worry as the qualities of fearlessness, bravery, valor, enthusiasm and courage in this bird have also been admired in history.

The impressive nature of geese gives us plenty of lessons to learn. It gives advice to communicate our needs and desires to the trustworthy people and remember the ones who helped us in crucial times.

It encourages one to follow the instincts and impulses and develop the abilities of being confident and fearless, having utmost faith in ourselves. It gives guidance to ensure that the one being protected by us deserves to be guarded and defended.

Geese enlightens one with its wonderful traits, now it is up to the individual how he depicts the brave and courage nature of a goose and implements these into his life.

Goose shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to move along your soul path.
  • You need to be happy.
  • You need to be safe as you go out and as you return.
  • You need to love your home.
  • You need to understand the power of community.

Call on Panther as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be powerful.
  • You need to assist others who are sick.
  • You need to follow your heart’s desire.
  • You need to work together as a community.
  • You need safety.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013