Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle is one of the most popular birds of prey.

Sad to say that it is starting to disappear to some densely populated area. This creature uses its speed and dexterity to catch different types of prey, their diet may include rabbit, squirrels and sometimes even mid sized mammals like fox. This creature is monogamous and may stay faithful to one partner for the rest of its life.

Golden Eagle plays a significant role to different cultures; it is regarded as a sacred bird to Native Americans and the ancient tribes in Canada. Their feather is often an item of ornament worn by some Native Americans. The Golden Eagle is also the 8th most frequent bird to appear on postage stamps.Consequently this creature is the most regular national animal in the world with over 5 nations that regard this animal as their national symbol. The Golden Eagle is also the most popular symbol of the Roman Legions. The Arabs has also their share of high respect to this bird. The Golden Eagle is the emblem of Saladin which was later adopted by the Arab nationalist party.

When this creature appeared to you it is a sign of an end and a new beginning, not necessarily means that someone will die, it can be in a form of saying goodbye to the old phase of your life and starting anew.

Golden Eagle is also a sign of supremacy. People who have this animal as their totem often excels on what they do, a part of that reason is because of their abilities, but their perseverance is playing a great role on that success. Golden Eagle will always work hard to be on top of his game, unrivaled.

This animal has the impeccable ability to triumph over tough challenges in life. They don’t need to exhort much effort; they can do it with a breeze. They don’t think much of their problem, one thing commendable about those people; they don’t see trials as a hindrance to their success they usually see it as a chance to further improve and showcase their prowess on surviving hardship and emerge a better person.

They also possess immaculate eyesight, giving them a flawless ability to observe their surroundings and use it to their gain, a trait that all humans should follow. Have an enhanced analysis of those people who care for you.

Golden Eagles are often depicted as a messenger of the heavenly gods. When you saw a Golden Eagle, it probably wants to teach you that the answers you are waiting for can be found if you’ll only ask. There is also a chance that you are the only one who has the answer to your question, you are just afraid to find out. Questions must always be answer no matter what outcome it will bring to us. If it will hurt us, then so be it, what matters most is that we learn from it.

Golden Eagle appears as an animal spirit when

  • You want to start on a clean slate.
  • You hope to give the best in everything you do.
  • When you are experiencing some difficulties.
  • Seeking for heavenly answers.
  • To have a better view of the people surrounding you.

Call on this animal spirit when

  • You are thinking of turning your back onto your old ways.
  • You are on a challenging competition.
  • Facing tough problems.
  • You want a divine intervention.
  • You are not giving much attention to the people who cares for you.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013