Golden Carp

Golden Carp

In ancient Eastern cultures, the ‘Golden Carp’ fish was defined as one of the most propitious clans of that time.

Numerous legends and warriors considered the Golden Carp fish as the totem of blessings for them. Many myths surround the legendary Golden Carp symbolized as power, intelligence, wealth, success, and gateway to the eternal life.

The fables are embalmed in the books of history that are regarded as the prosperous emblem in East. It’s like a lucky charm of good fortune and the reason to be highly auspicious in earlier culture of East. There are many fables associated with Golden Carp, among which, one is quite famous which states that “if the Golden Carp jumps and bounces against the waterfall, it will become a Celestial Dragon.”

In ancient Eastern culture, Celestial Dragon is marked as honorable dragon. The same totem yields in the granting of eternal life when the Golden Carp swims against the water flow and just back to the waterfall against the flow.

Due to its ancient cultural integration, especially in East; The Golden Carp is being used as ancestry symbolization in sculptures and statues, historical and archaeological gazette, arts and ancient paintings, on stones and wood carvings, and for decoration in parks and public places.

Several Eastern people emblem The Golden Carp fish texture on fabric, plates, daily usable things and above all, tattooed on their bodies.

Greeks and Romans are among the big influences of the Golden Carp fables. Many Roman emperors believed the sacred Golden Carp fish because of Golden Carp totems as the symbol of success and eternal life.

The Romans kept the Golden Carp fables at the highest degree of honor and respect and that was why the Golden Carp fish became sacred to them. Greek believed that custodian of Golden Carp will earn honor and respect, build more wealth, and the star of good luck will shine on the sky for them as long as they have the Golden Carp with them.

Unlike the Greeks and Romans, the Christian creed all over the world marked it as a symbol of trinity. According to the Christianity, the trinity symbol refers to three entities:

  • God (The Father)
  • Jesus (The Son)
  • The Holy Ghost

Today, The Golden Carp fish still carries the virtue and spiritual aspiration to few totem believers. Still, they believe in the totems that possesses the clan of Golden Carp will have mental tranquillity in life, will be honored and respected as a wise guy, good luck will be his fortune, abundant wealth, enduring intuition power and many superior qualities like a warrior, like the king of the world. But many aren’t intimidated of restraining the great Golden Carp fables or even the fish. Instead, nowadays, catching The Golden Carp fish is considered as the grand prize for sports fishing.

To catch a carp is really challenging and it’s among those fishes which are most difficult to catch. Lately, it has earned another name called ‘The Golden Bones’. The fish is not good to eat but as of its gigantic historical background and intriguing method of catching; it was and always will be, a sacred totem for East.

Golden Carp shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to understand the cycles of the sun.
  • You need all aspects of clear vision.
  • You need to have power.
  • You need to be very strong.
  • You need to see from the highest places.

Call on Golden carp as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be courageous.
  • You need strength.
  • You need spiritual power.
  • You need to understand your surrounding.
  • You need to see high places.

By Florance Saul
Mar 24, 2013