Get well now spell

Get well now spell

This is a simple health spell to make someone well again, it includes a voodoo doll, which you can either make yourself or buy from a store.

First carry out a banishing ritual, cleansing your altar with holy water. Using Dragon’s Blood, write the name of the inpidual who wants assistance, or who needs to get better. Now anoint the Voodoo doll with Healing oil. Try to put a number of extra drops round the area that requires healing. Next recite the following incantation to ask the healing spirits to cure the sick person:

“Spirits of sunshine, charge this doll, give (name of person) the strength and power to heal. Stop (name of person) hurting and ensure they are fit and full of health”

Focus on the doll, imagine light charging around the doll and protecting the person. Once you have finished your chant, wrap the doll and parchment paper in the white cloth and place in between the two white candles.

Burn the candles each morning (replacing them as necessary) until the person has made a full recovery.

At that point, you can dispose of the doll. You should also make a point of thanking the spirits for their help. You could also leave them an offering of some kind - fruit, herbs, liquor, milk, or whatever seems appropriate (try to ask the spirits what they wish).

Things that you will need:

  • One Voodoo doll
  • A piece of Parchment paper
  • Healing Oil (you can make this yourself)
  • Two white candles
  • A White cloth (cotton)

By Florance Saul
Nov 12, 2012