A Gazelle is part of the antelope species.

This is a rather uncommon animal totem. If you have seen a Gazelle then this symbolizes that you require speed in your life. Why? Because the Gazelle is considered to be a swift animals with a run speed of almost sixty miles per hour or ninety seven km/h. To conquer their vulnerability, they tend to be alert to all that happens around them.

Gazelle’s have various characteristic traits that are considered symbolic to humans in real life situations. These include consciousness, swiftness, elegance, beauty, and liveliness. They are able to maneuver in vertical movements and even meander around while they run to escape their predators.

The cheetah is their chief predator - also a fast speed animal. However, they are able to out run the cheetah because of their better movement’s. Cheetah’s usually run in a straight line but the gazelle can move in zigzag’s. This is to avoid the cheetah from catching them. They, however, have a tendency of turning around to find out if their predator is almost catching up with them. When they do this, it gives the cheetah a chance to get to kill them.

So, from a spiritual perspective, what can we learn from this kind of behavior? In life, we go through many challenges and difficulties that may overwhelm us. Some people tend to run away from reality by avoiding challenges. Such people end up resorting to other things such as drugs, alcohol, overeating, addiction, and overindulgence among other things, in essence -they run away from problems. There is a danger of diverting the attention to other people. Seeing the Gazelle means that one can fail to face challenges and try to get a reasonable, lasting solution. In the long run, the problems catch up with them in one way or the other. They eventually end up with even more problems such as depression, heart disease among other diseases caused by drinking too much alcohol, overeating and other addictions. In many cases, people fail to have great communication. They fail to examine themselves and understand who and what they really are.

Just like the Gazelle, we should be alert to our surroundings and make use of every opportunity available for our safety. In case of any danger, we need to understand any means of saving our lives.

It is also important to acquire skills that can be useful to us in life. To meditate on this animal totem can help us discover and explore our strengths and also overcome our weaknesses. We need to discover insightful skills of solving problems rather than avoiding them. When faced with challenges we end up with perfect solutions that eliminate the problems.

To see a Gazelle in a dream means that one should also find ways of regaining energy. You need to rejuvenate yourself after hard work. Motivation is extra important. When you appreciate and motivate yourself, you automatically gain the energy to do other activities.

You can choose to embrace the adventure of life or you can choose to get discouraged and destroy the chances you have in the future. When we choose to love life, we love ourselves and those around us. We free ourselves from many struggles in this world because we think life is good. The Gazelle animal totem suggests that you need to try to think about how you can release yourself from life’s struggles.

Gazelle shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need some motivation.
  • You feel like rejuvenating yourself.
  • You feel vulnerable.
  • You feel discouraged.
  • You need to act swiftly.

Call on Gazelle as a spirit guide when

  • You want to know what is happening in your surroundings.
  • You need to be alert.
  • You are facing challenges.
  • You have a weakness to overcome.
  • You can’t face your problems.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013