The Frigate Bird symbolizes different aspects.

While some may see it as opportunistic, it is also a very quick and able animal symbol. It has a commanding presence and is not afraid to act.

The following are traits most associated with the frigatebird

  • Adaptability.
  • Navigation.
  • Protectiveness.
  • Manoeuvrability.
  • Cunning.
  • Fertility.
  • Strength.
  • Commanding presence.
  • Ability to Communicate.

The symbolism of the frigatebird is oft associated with its thieving behavior. Looking closely at the frigatebird however, one can see that it symbolizes much more. Its inability to swim is negated by its large wingspan and maneuverability, allowing it to stay in the air for several days and fly and turn quickly to snatch prey out of the water. It reflects one which is aware of its shortcomings but uses its potential to negate these flaws.

It is also very commanding and attractive. As a large and brightly colored animal, it naturally commands attention. Its presence makes itself well known to all those who view it. This makes the frigatebird a natural symbol for confidence coupled with ample capacity.

Frigatebird as a Totem animal

Frigatebirds may be seen as an opportunistic totem symbol. Their behavior reflects one which minimizes imperfections by making good use of their great skills and capacities. The spirit of the frigate bird gives many symbols and meanings. The meanings of these symbolisms are shown below.

Strength and Lasting Performance

The frigatebird represents strength and an ability to last long when in flight. As a totem animal, the frigatebird assures one of an ability to persevere and outlast any other person in their endeavors. It allows one to keep on going with little rest or worry.

Cunning and Manoeuvrability

The frigatebird also reflects a cunning guile along with the reflexes to carry out its task. It shows that a person can be quick to take action and reap the benefits as well. They show that while people have weaknesses, it is always better to maximize their strengths.

Commanding Presence

Frigatebirds also allow access to great confidence and charisma. The frigatebird’s natural striking colors and peculiar mating habits reflect its ability to be noticed. It is a naturally attractive symbol which draws many admirers.

Frigatebird in different cultures

In Easter Island, a cult devoted to the worship of a half-man/half-frigatebird once existed. They believed this bird man to be a representation of the creator of man, as well as the god of fertility.

To the ancient Hawaiians, the frigatebird’s opportunistic nature gave rise to it being called a thief. However, the same name was used for people who were handsome in nature, and able to captivate and hold sway to audiences.

It has also been called a pirate and a thief due to its nature. It has been recognized for its ability to fly and take from the sea, even though it cannot swim.

Association with celestial forces

Birds have been seen as heralds of heavenly forces. In particular, the seafaring and communicative nature of Frigatebirds gives access to its symbol as a messenger of celestial beings.

Frigatebird in Alchemy

The ability of birds to communicate and their language has long held sway in alchemy. In particular, it is considered to a perfect language and a key to perfect knowledge. The symbol of the frigatebird as a communicator gives much power to practitioners of alchemy and different magical or esoteric arts.

Frigate bird shows as a spirit guide when

  • You need someone to support you.
  • You need to raise your self confidence.
  • You are losing your faith in yourself.
  • You need to grab an opportunity.
  • You need to be vocal about your feelings.

Call on frigate bird as a spirit guide when

  • You can no longer deal with your problem alone.
  • You are undergoing a tough challenge.
  • You need to command a large group.
  • You need help to notice opportunities.
  • You need to remove your masks.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013