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Frey Rune Stone.

Frey is also known as Fehu. It means “Fortune” in life.


Key Concepts: Money, Prosperity, Wealth, Luck, Power



Psi: Presence, Young Love, Freedom, Beginner’s Mind


Energy: Dynamic Power, Abundance, Charisma, Circulation


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Mundane: Reputation, Fashion ability, Money, Purchases, and Freshness


Divinations: Social Success, Energy, Foresight, Travel, Money, Control, Greed, Failure




  • Passing your energy to someone else.
  • Creating gravity into the personal sphere.
  • Marketing and advertising of personal and social changes, making changes in circumstances worth addressing.
  • Increase in wealth.
  • One’s presence of mind to be used like a tool for consciously setting up a fresh start.


Meaning of Frey or Fehu…


It is a rune which is sacred to Freya, the goddess of love and luck. When on the right side up Frey (or Fehu) is considered to be a rune of good luck and stability in life. This rune denotes full security, and plenty of money. This rune shadows both the spiritual and  materialistic levels. It is also considered an indication of something won or earned. This rune also suggests that it's necessary to share good fortunes with others, and it should be used as a magic. Frey also symbolizes fertility, harmony, and happiness. Circulation of power, wealth, and the movement are important aspects of Frey.


This rune means wealth will come from the Frey sign and the various energies hidden in Fehu, but wealth is just a simple description that involves Fehu’s characteristics. Wealth can be compared to a meal, water to quench a thirst, a house to live, clothes to keep warm, and an ability to survive, rather than be compared to needless luxury. When seeking new adventures, Frey will stimulate the will to find them, to get back your self-confidence, and help achieve the desired goals by the means of instant action. So use Frey and its lessons well. Frey is an indication for people to opt out of their present situations and start fresh.

Frey also suggests that money should be used intelligently. Wealth is usually a creative sign and not a measurable mass.

For Frey to be reversed, is not a good sign. It signifies a lack of balance and a high possibility of suffering some kind of loss in life. It can suggest poverty or a lack of love.


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