Freezer Spells

Freezer Spells

Freezer spells are used to stop actions and put a hold to something being said or done.

For example, if you are having troubles with a coworker who is gossiping or talking ill of you then you might want to try stopping them with a spell that would burn their tongue for spreading lies about you. 

There could be many reasons you would want to use this type of spell:

  • Court cases and legal investigators.
  • Nosy in-laws.
  • A cheating spouse.
  • Rival business competitors.

How To Craft An Icebox Or Freezer Spell

Obtain and prepare a container for the spell; the best containers are symbolic for the work to done. Plastic is much better as this fails to crack in the freezer. Following this, try to find an item that represents the situation: the bulls tongue to symbolize speech or a hollowed-out large whole pickle to symbolize a man's sexuality, a sliced fig to symbolize a woman's womb, a lemon to sour someone's life, soaked underwear for sexual matters.

Note: a paper towel or paper bag are not to be used for this type of spell as they do not symbolize anything spiritually - relating to people.

Place the names on the item you selected in step 1.

For example "Tony Pellis" or "Darrell Brown" for exact names or the "the whole office staff at XYZ" "arresting officers," "Cab driver” if you do not know the name of the person. For best results try to be as specific as you can be.

  3. Select the herbs you will be using, such as red pepper to make their tongue burn from the lies told, alum to quite the lips and loss of speech, poppy seeds to confuse them and make them forget where they are and where they are going.

  4. Depending on what you chose in step 1 you may need to soak the item before freezing.

A tongue, pickle, fig, or lemon may not need to be further saturated but it may be, if desired. Paper and paper-towel packets must be soaked completely in order to freeze solid. Several things can be used to soak your step 1 item they are:

  • Vinegar to sour the words of the inpidual(s)
  • Alum-water to silence the speech of inpiduals
  • Use ‘War Water’ to curse inpiduals
  • Urine to control a person
  • Bath crystals dissolved in water and/or vinegar and/or War Water can do any number of thing, ranging from silence, sour, curse, control, and even stop acts from happening. 

 5. Close the item from step 1 by sewing, pinning it shut.  When pinning a fruit or a tongue shut typically you would use 9 pins. When sewing it shut you would use 9 pin holes. If you can not pin or sew the item shut you will need to fold it.

 6. Optional: wrap the selected item from number 1 in tin foil with the shiny side inward as to lock the name in a mirror.

 7. Optional: You can add power to the spell by adding the following to the spellwork. You can add vegetation or certain oils to a candle and drip onto the tongue. You can also add crossing oil or a legally friendly oil to the tongue in order to create a direction for the spell. Use appropriate candle colors for the work.

 8. Put the tongue in a freezing location such as on ice or in a freezer.

 9. Dispose of the tongue when complete. Make sure to remove any harmful items like pins or needles in case animals get into it and want to eat it.

History and Misconceptions about Freezer Spells

Freezer spells, even for the modern witch, are usually classified as ‘folk magic.’ Many modern witches do not know that freezer spells originated in darker regions of magic such as black magic and hoodoo, and because of this there are several common misconceptions about working these kinds of spells. Because of the lack of knowledge and history of these spells, the spells can often backfire. It is always important to understand where the spell you are crafting originated so that you can be mindful of the response that you will get from the energies that you are working. Freezer Spells are not 100%

While Hoodoo and Voodoo are the most common source places of freezing magic, the spells have a longer history in African lore. When using ice in any ritual, the effect is designed to cool or slow something down. Often, like in Hoodoo and Voodoo, ancient magicians used frozen orbs to cool down the emotional status between two people. These are the earliest forms of freezing magic and the root of using freezer spells to break up a couple. Modern witches often think that by freezing the names of two people that it will break them up but this is only true if the couple was not meant to be together or if thy are not feeding off of each other’s energy. It is generally thought in African cultures that these kinds of spells will only work if the two people involved are not  good love match for each other.

In modern craft, often the spell to break up two people is a variation of the following.

Take two sheets of paper and write the name of two people on the page. Place the name in a container with a rotten piece of fish and fill the container with water. Allow a week to pass and you will see results.

It’s a simple spell and in theory it has a good foundation. Fish are often seen as symbols of better times, happiness, fertility, and emotional wealth. The rotten fish is a symbol of this loss in one’s life. The freezing cools the relationship. However, if these two people are very strongly connected, you're then going to be meddling in a relationship and causing problems but nothing more.

Putting People On Ice

Placing people on ice is a long known Hoodoo tradition but this is often an idea which is akin to breaking up two people in a relationship. This is another misconception. The idea of putting people on ice is freezing people out of a situation or an aspect of life. These spells are much better for holding off legal battles – as inputting an issue on ice, or stopping someone from doing something such as becoming mum about an issue and not spreading rumors, creating sexual frigidity in one’s life, or stopping someone from doing something.

Keep In Mind

Freezer spells are not idle or harmless spells. While the spells are easy, they can also have very strong consequences. They are long-rooted and tried and true magic. While there are those silly rituals that may or may not mean anything, most of the freezer spells that you can find on the internet are based in some sort of ritualistic or magical lore. There is a root to them and because of the lack of knowledge, it is possible to get them wrong. This can increase the chances of the spell backfiring and spelling trouble for the person casting the spell.

By Flo Saul
Mar 16, 2013