Foot reflexology and chart

Foot Reflexology Chart

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you have a winter cold or bug? This can help you get back on your feet! As we're coming up to winter we will encounter all sorts of illnesses. Not only that life can be a big ball of stress. Treat yourself today to a reflexology massage!! I will show you how.

Are you missing out on the amazing art of reflexology? 

Many people have used my reflexology chart and advice to improve their lives - so why not you? Ok, so in the evening the TV is on, you check or surf on your phone, emails falling in your inbox. Picture it!... all the demands on you in a day, it is not surprising that you find it hard to relax. Double that up with a stinking cold or winter illness. Stress can create a knock on effect on our hormones and prevent the relaxation needed to properly sleep. Well, this was a summary of how I felt the last year before I uncovered the hidden secret of reflexology. 

So what is it? How will it help me?

In reflexology there are certain points or nerves that are contained in your feet, that are associated with organs and different parts of the body. These points need to be massaged in order to eliminate stress, built up tension, illness and pain. Reflexology is an alternative healing method that has been in practice for thousands of years. And, did you know that it's an ancient practice and was passed down through an oral tradition, and possibly first recorded as a pictograph on and Egyptian tomb? It is very difficult to track exactly how old this alternative method of medicine is. Basically, it is accomplished by applying pressure to certain areas of the hands, feet, and ears, it is believed that the pain from nerve damage or stress will be lessened. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter how old it is… what matters is that it works! You will be glad you tried it!

Running this website can be stressful, especially when things go wrong technically and in life I was looking for something to help me take care of myself. Yes, self-reflexology saved the day!! This ancient art has been jumbled into the category of being somewhat a mystery but it is worth a go.

Wait.. lets get down to business: 

Firstly, you need to understand the mercian and focal points. We have drawn a handy foot chart which you can download and use to assist you in performing your own reflexology, each area of the foot is connected to a part of your body.  Massaging these areas will make you feel relaxed and happy again. It helps with any insomnia, stress and more importantly it breaks the cycle of negative energies and forces one to clear their mind. So at the end of the day, employing the typical techniques I list here can help you improve your mental well-being. Go for it I say. As a trained reflexologist I will show you how to massage your own feet to ensure you can create not only calmness but also to maximize relaxation. 

All that stress could ruin your inner self, but employing this technique you can start to feel better - boy, is that not worth it?  Don’t worry it is relatively easy and you can use both your thumbs and fingers so lets do it now.

Foot Chart Reflexology


Soaking your feet in warm water or taking a long hot bubble bath before you carry out the reflexology will help you destress and relax - great news is that you can also perform reflexology in the bath using the ball massage outlined below. Also try to apply flour or talcum powder to help keep you from having sweaty feet if you decide not to take a bath. You can wear your socks so don’t worry. Oh yes, and if you cannot reach your foot a chair or anything with a round end will do. Even the end of a broom! If you don’t have time, fill a jar of marbles and stand on them.Ok, now we have identified some important areas to massage, let’s run through the approach of massage. There are three types that you can apply.

1. Thumb walking in reflexology

Thumb Walking Reflexology

This is a key massage technique which uses the joint of the thumb. You should try to work the massage as if your thumb is a worm and using the joint of the thumb. Press your thumb forward over the other thumb and wiggle. 

2. Ball massage - using a marble: For this you need a small ball around 1.5 inches round. Use your thumb to move in a round firm circle motion clockiwise. Alternatively, you can stand on the ball and apply the pressure for 15 seconds. Release and then start again. 

Reflexology Foot in marbles

3. Rotation method of massage: The rotation method is using your thumb in order to create a circular motion clockwise to begin with, then counter-clockwise. Press your thumb hard at the end and work on the areas in the diagram above.

Reflexology Foot

Check the foot chart above for the regions below:

  1. If your in the office try massaging your big toe, this represents the head and brain. Apply massage pressure here to relieve colds and headaches. The brain is known as the hub of your central nervous system, massaging the meridian point will help your overall body feel better.
  2. Lung and chest - If you have a cold then the portion of the soles of the feet are connected to your chest. The energy in the lung is released when this is massaged and can help with any respiratory problems.
  3. The gall bladder when pressed will rejuvenate the gall bladder. Managing this regularly will stimulate your bile acids and help with digestion of fats.
  4. Kidneys - This area is found in the middle of the sole of the foot. When massaged, this meridian point will help elminate acidic and help speed up your metabolism and weight loss. Massaging the kids is also great for helping blood pressure.
  5. The small intestines is where we digest all our food. This is massaged to help with healthy skin and also breaking down fatty acids that your body needs. Massaging this area can help ensure the correct nutrients are in your body.
  6. No doubt about it, when you have a cold make sure you massage the throat nose and neck area which are found in the bottom bridge of your big toe.
  7. The spinal region in reflexology goes all the way along the inside of your foot, massage this for back problems or just to ease stress and tension. Also known as the lumber or vertebrate. 
  8. The pancreas meridian can be seen near the kidney. This controls your sugar levels and hyperglycaemia. 
  9. The thyroid gland found in the middle of the soles of the foot will help with weight loss - as this is responsible for our hormones (T3) and also (T4) These hormones help us develop and grow. They are great areas to massage on children to help growth. Additionally, massaging this area can help your concentration great if you have an exam looming.
  10. Your stomach is found on the sole of the foot, and by pressing this meridian point can encourage good digestion.  Focusing on the stomach, massaging this area is normally connected to feeling less anxiety. Working on this area will enable a more calming and soothing approach to life. This is due to our inner chakra system of the solar plexus. In essence, massaging the stomach area of the foot can remove those “nervous” or “butterfly” feelings when your feeling particularly stressed.
  11. The smallest part of your feet is normally associated with your waist, rectrum and groin. Apply the ball method of massage in order to release tension in this area.

To help you better analyse the diagram above to understand the certain areas such as the nose and eyes and how these appear. Using my chart, the logic and areas of the foot are clearly outlined. Please note, both feet are different and provide an area for each side of the body. For example we can see the heart is positioned on the left hand side foot. Using my chart you can easily find the key areas you wish to work on. Spiritually, working on say for example the eyes will allow you to see from the third eye and meditate to gain answers to the future!

So, How Exactly Can Reflexology Help You Out? 

There are many things reflexology can help with. Most often, reflexology is used to alleviate pain from nerve damage and relieve headaches and other ailments. While not agreed upon as a legitimate medical practice, many agree that reflexology is helpful and useful as a medical treatment. That’s not all reflexology can do for you. Some other known benefits of reflexology are:

  • Improved Circulation – Blood and oxygen are better cycled throughout the body, speeding up healing and replacement of damaged cells.
  • High Energy Levels – Increase your metabolism and energy creation processes!
  • Nervous System Stimulation – By opening neural pathways, reflexology can increase your motor skills, cognitive function, and even boost memory!
  • “Speed Healing” -  Due to increased nerve activity and blood circulation, paired with a faster metabolism, cells will begin to heal and repair themselves at a faster rate.
  • Reduction/Elimination of Headaches – One of the most popular uses of reflexology, eliminating headaches and migraines by applying pressure to, and therefore relaxing, nerves and muscles linked to the cause of headaches and migraines.

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Oh... finally...relaxation done right! The relaxation benefits alone are compelling reasons to give reflexology a try. More relaxation means more time spent enjoying the day instead of being in pain and hiding from the light. More time spent with your family enjoying time together instead of being curled up on the couch with Advil and a TV show. Reflexology has proven very effective in relaxation and pain relief. Surely seeing people with a little more flounce in their bounce makes for a good amount of proof. It’s not hard to see why people use this in the evening to relax. Give it a go now!

By Florance Saul
Oct 6, 2017