In animal symbolism, what message does a least or nearly negligible specie of bird tries to tell you when they visits your thoughts?

Are you among those who do not give significance on the animal images for real or in dreams that comes into your mind? Let’s look into this creature and see what is stored for those believing in flicker animal totem.

A flicker is a family of woodpecker. But they are not too familiar and recognizable.

Although coming from the same family, there are things that are done by flickers that woodpeckers don’t do. Unlike any other woodpecker that knocks on wood to bore a hole to put their nests on or find foods, flicker primarily eats on insects but digs on earth to have something to eat. These flickers are also considered as migrant birds but woodpeckers are not.

However, just like other woodpeckers, flickers are also good at communication. They do it like a sounding music as they drum and pick against a tree. At often times, they do not nest on the hole of trees they bore. Instead the flicker put their nests in unconventional places. The kindness of this bird is that they could fix and use old nests. They could also make new ones and let other birds utilize their nests after theirs.

In North America, flickers are considered to be like phoenix and created by Ravens, the Sun god because of red streak in its head. They are also believed that the feathers of flickers can bring good luck.

Flickers symbolize balance in everything. Although they have set records in being deviants from the traditional traits and tricks of woodpeckers, their survival is still sanely attained just like other woodpeckers did. When the energy of flickers is what you chose to imbibe, your ways of life may be not traditional but life essence can still be felt because only the manner has been changed.

This creature is not known for being egoistic. They can go with the flow, do things as necessary even if it means using what has already been used. They never take pride from what they have done… there is that willingness to share. The flicker symbolizes a sense of humility.

If this is your animal, the sense of balance despite of being unconventional can manifest in your way of life. In life you encounter different risks and struggles but with the flicker energy, there are no barriers in going through all these troubles. You possess the ability to surpass them and be victorious in your own ways. The person with flicker energy do not just go with the flow they can be found modifying their ways of attaining their goals but even done differently, their achievements are undeniably same with others. They do not do things deliberately but with calmness and preciseness. They are often tagged as mediator because of the trait of being moderate and mild in ways but creativity is also in the menu list of their ability thus an array of methods to achieve things.

Flickers also symbolize growth or advancement. Believers of flicker totem are gifted with intuition, ability for deepened understanding of being and seen in unconventional careers. Their changing perception and unconventional ways of life brings them to success if gift of flicker is appreciated well.

The flicker shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You took the courage to live unconventionally but still attaining your goals.
  • Not assuming but take everything into consideration.
  • Exhibits great independence and unwavering wisdom.
  • Experiences balance despite of disregarding traditional ways of life.
  • There is no place to put ego first.

Call on flicker as a spirit guide when

  • You wish to develop long term unconventional relationships.
  • Problems on communication either in communicating or listening arises.
  • Ways to nourish partnerships or relationship becomes a problem.
  • Experiencing imbalance over sort of things.
  • Wanting to have ability to love and forgive.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013