Flamingos can often be seen standing on one leg, the other leg is hiding underneath their body, and no one knows the reason why this creature is showing that behavior.

Though there are recent studies showing that standing on one leg may allow this creature to preserve its body heat. But ironically flamingos can also be seen doing the same thing on warm waters.

Ancient Egypt considered this creature to be the representation of their god. Ra. In Ancient Rome flamingos tongue is a part of their special delicacy. They are also the national bird of Bahamas. The Andeans believed in its healing power and consume its fat to cure their tuberculosis.

Flamingo is a sign that we can clear wastes out from our life. To discard the things that is becoming a hindrance to our growth and improvement. This is the best time to analyze your inner self and dispose things that is simply unhealthy. Sort your life, and simply forget all the negativities, these things are a waste o time and can utilize so much energy.

Flamingo people are also good in sensing things juts by touching it. Some of them have the Psychometric ability, and some of them have extra sensitive senses that allow them to create an instinct on something with the touch of their hands.

People with Flamingo as their totem animal never want to be alone. They are sociable creature, often seen around with his friends. Flamingo people are the center of the crowd, people want to be beside them and be infected with their radiant light.

If a Flamingo presented itself to you, it may be the perfect moment to check on your social life. Are you going out with your friends often or are you even finding a way to get in touch with them?

Flamingo is also a time of rejuvenation and cleansing the heart and soul. Perhaps it is time to heal those wounds and forget the things that hurt you. It is time to move on, a time to forgive. You have endured so much sufferings and it is a moment to love yourself.

There are certain situations when we need to cry and weep just to express our feelings, but those days are now over. A flamingo is sending you a message to stand up and start living your life.

It also teaches you to follow your heart in everything you do. If we put our best effort and a pure love on what we do, we can achieve a better result that will benefit us in a good way. If we do not find inspiration in what we are doing then where is the joy in that?

Flamingo shows as an animal spirit when

  • It is time to discard the things that is suppressing your growth.
  • You need to check on your social life.
  • It is time to move on and forger about the past.
  • We need to put an extra love to the things we do.
  • We need to heal.

Call on flamingo as an animal spirit when

  • You need to clear your mind with negativity.
  • You want to be more sociable.
  • When you are hurting so much.
  • When you are losing excitement on your job.
  • We need to rejuvenate and renew our energy.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013