Fire meaning

Using fire in ritual is known as a dangerous move.

In many spells "fire" is essential to the success. In witchcraft fire has a place for numerous techniques.

Those of us created under the fire signs: Aries, Leo, or even Sagittarius have an element of “control.”  in life. This control can at times rule life. If we look at the element of fire, it always has a tendency to carry out what it wants – it spread with much destruction. The fact that one uses candle’s in spells means that one concentrates on the energy of the fire. The fact that the energy is hot and the flame continues up to the spirits - this element helps our guides take notice of our desires.

Candle Magic and Fire

Fire has always been considered a magical element. The draw of fire has been noted since it was discovered and it has been used in magical rights and valued for its magical properties for as long as man has been affected by it. Over the years many cultures have incorporated fire into their spells and used fire and candles to foretell the future, focus psychic powers, cleanse the spirits, burn off negative energy, and much more.

Below we will detail a number of common uses for candles and fire in your magical workings. The candle acts as a vehicle for fire and the color of the candle plays a large role on the magic that is utilized. For this article though, we are going to focus more on the reasons for use. For more information you can view our candle magic articles for specific spells and candle attributes. 

Past, Present, Future 

Fire has been used for centuries to look into the life line of a person. The art of staring into the flames is called ‘fire gazing’ and for many people it comes naturally. Others have to tune their vision into the flames and learn to relax to see what prophesies are held within the flames. This art is often combined with candle use and called ‘candle scrying’. 

Both processes are simple mind and body exercises where a person will sit in front of a fire and allow their mind to wander. Soft viewing, which is where you do not concentrate but merely absorb the sights before you, allows you to see the patterns within the fire. This can be done before a camp fire, a roaring fireplace, or a candle. 

Candle use specifically, has more talent involved in the process of fortune telling. When you use a candle for gazing, the interpretations tend to be less in the shapes that you see within the flam and more of what the flame does. For example, when staring at a roaring fire, the flames will often move and lick – creating an image or a story that can be understood by the viewer. With candle fire work, the nuance of the flame must be understood. If the flame waves to one side, this can be a yes or no, akin to a pendulum asking a question. The flame retreating or growing can be yes or no. 

For simple questions or when direct answers are needed, candle gazing is fine. If you are seeking inspiration or more detail then it is usually better to have a large fire and time to practice long term fire gazing techniques over the course of at least an hour. 

Focusing Energy 

Scrying on a candle, which is placing symbols on a candle, is usually the best way to utilize fire for focusing energy. Candles come in handy here because you can adapt your need for focus based on symbols, colors, and scents added to the candle. To focus your energy, once you have your working space prepared and you have placed your symbols on the candle, then you will light it and focus your thoughts and energy into the flame. Concentrate on trying to influence the flame by making it glow brighter, move one way or another, and to flicker. Over time you will become better at this and it will in turn allow you to sharpen your own mind, honing your skills towards whatever life event or purpose you were focusing on. 

Cleansing Sprits 

Cleaning an area with fire can be hazardous, of course. Where you could simply burn a place down to cleans any spirits, this may be overkill and probably isn’t the safest way to go about things! A much simpler solution is to use candles of white or blue and light them around an area that needs cleansing. The fire is a purification tool and the color is one that helps to clear the area. Candle magic has long been used to cleanse ritual spaces, homes, new businesses, and healing centers. 

Releasing Negative Energy

Fire is an excellent tool for releasing energy because it not only helps to disperse it, but being a transformative energy, fire can transfer negative energy into something positive and useful. One of the simplest ways to do this is to meditate on a flame. A candle will work nicely for this practice. Light the candle and visualize breathing in the flame. Allow the flame to enter your body and to burn off any overflowing excess that is not currently being utilized in a positive or meaningful way in your life. Focus your negativity back into the flame and then ask for direction from the fire to use the negative for something positive. It is a simple transference between your mind and the element of fire. 

By Florance Saul
Mar 9, 2013