To Find True Love

To Find True Love

We sometimes struggle when trying to find true love. It is often difficult and at times we feel there is a block in life.

Before the spell work it is important to create a personal charm detailing what you want. This spell will take time over the course of 7 days. Because of the timeframe this kind of spell is lumped into a category known as a ‘seven day spell’.

Items needed:

1 red candle

1 pin or needle

1 piece of red or pink parchment paper


A Red Pen (Preferably Felt Tip)

A quiet place to work 

Cut the parchment into 7 equal parts. Write your desired result on each paper. Avoid using specific people that you want in your life as this kind of spell will be less effective. It is more important that you are looking for love in general in the future. Write on each parchment the desired result (ie. I want to find true love within 7 days). Be specific of the time frame and the result. You can be as detailed as you want with the work.

Fold each parchment paper – how doesn’t matter – they can be in half or thirds.

With the candle estimate how many days you will use the candle for and mark a portion for each with the needle. This is best to use a taper. For example: If you plan on doing  7 day spell, place 7 marks down the candle. You will burn the candle to the mark each day. For day one on a taper candle you will probably be burning it about 20 minutes a day and the mark will be a ½ inch from the top of the candle.

Perform a simple relaxation spell and cleanse your space. If you do not know how to do this please see the spell working prep area of our website and know how to do this first.

Once your area is cleared and you are feeling properly relaxed light the candle and focus your energy into the flame. Light one piece of parchment each night and mediate on yourself being happy and in love and love finding you. The purpose of this spell is to have the energy do the work and it will help to prepare your life to be open to have this person and experience come into your life.  Focus your energy into the flame for the time that is set. When the flame is down to the pin then you are done for the day. You will need to do this spell for 7 days in  row. If you miss a day then you will need to start completely over.

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012