Financial Bliss Spell

Financial Bliss Spell

Hard work is the cornerstone of making money, but some extra oomph behind your efforts can never hurt!

To compound the energy that you put forth in life use this spell to make your efforts more powerful. This spell will help you attain money and keep it. It is a powerful spell to increase your financial stability and keep finances flowing in your life. Having enough money is important to everyone in life. 

The green candle is always associated with wealth. Improving financial security can be achieved from this spell work. There could be a delay in life and if that is the case then a protection spell should follow in order to "protect" the money you have.

What you need:

  • 1 Green taper candle (or 7 day knob candle)
  • Success oil (if you need to make this, see our success oil spell)
  • 1 Lodestone
  • 1 Quartz Crystal
  • 7 teaspoons of magnetic powder
  • 7 dollar bills (in any denomination – the more money you use, the greater the spell)

On the first night of your spell work you will place the dollar bills on top of each other in a cross position. The first one facing up and north and south, the next facing up east and west, and continue this pattern for all of the dollar bills. Place the lodestone on top of the money to hold it in place and to keep your money secure. This will protect the money that you already have and allow you to keep your money.

Place the quartz crystal above the dollar bills and then the candle above this. You will not have an upside-down cross shape mad with the money, crystal, and candle. This is used to attract new money to your pile.

For seven nights you will light the candle and allow it to burn equal parts. This will usually be about 20-30 minutes each night. When you light the candle each night say:

β€œMoney I have stay with me. Money of others set it free. Attract the funds I need and want. Bring money into my hand. Money stay and money spent, money enough for all my desires.”

After the candle has burned for the desired time each night, put one tsp. of magnetic powder on top of the lodestone and let it rest. Keep building up the magnetic powder for 7 days, the more powder the greater the attraction.

After the seventh day take all of the bills from the spell and put them away. While you have this money you will continue to attract more. When you spend this money then you will end and break the spell.

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012