Falcons Spiritual Meaning

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Falcon meaning

The birds of prey, falcons are generally known as the emblem of achievement, success and triumph.

This bird is the epitome of ecstasy, high fortitude and acumen. Falcons are often considered a great totem when we need to face probelms or predicaments in life.

The name is derived from a Latin word “falcoperegrenus” which means stranger or a foreigner. The name completely goes with the nature of the bird as it is often found to be migrating rather than being sluggish and is frequently found all over the world. They are the wanderers roaming from place to place. This migratory bird is seen to travel large distances.

Falcons are the birds that can fly the highest. They are the commendable hunters and are deemed to be prominent in creativeness and vision.

Symbolic falcon meaning includes spirit, pre-eminence, supremacy, control, focus, strength, liberty, ambition, divination, willpower and brilliance.

Falcons are generally entitled as the “king of all birds.” The Falcon’s appearance conveys the message of knowledge, enlightenment, brilliance and intelligence. It brings about those qualities in a person which embraces him to envision brightness and vividness, letting the person foresee hope and positiveness.

The Falcon revitalizes a person to lead a focused, purposeful and meaningful life. It also encourages transformation and evolution. It convinces one to bring positive changes in every aspect of life, for instance in work, employment and career.

Falcons are regarded to be associated with the holy features, being divine and sacred. Egyptians revere falcons as the symbolic representation of rising sun, being the evidence of astral persuasion. Egyptian representations regarded god Horus having combined features of many species, however the most significant creature was a peregrine falcon, renowned for its speed making it the fastest member of animal kingdom. The peregrine falcon is indigenous to Egyptians, capable of ethereal finesse and clocked as the speediest. Peregrine falcon has been used as falconry for centuries due to its mental power, its high speed and implausible ability of stalking its prey.

God Horus (including Ra) is eminent as a man with a falcon head. Ancient poems regarded god Ra as a falcon. Falcon was considered to be associated with the astral world and the manifestation and expression of masculine and solar god.

The Falcon shows one what he is capable of. It invokes such a spirit into a person which pushes him to be more organized and systematic. It encourages us to achieve our goals and targets and to be ambitious and motivated in every phase of life. It endeavors to teach a lesson about being vigilant and to be conscientious about one’s needs and desires. It summons one towards passion, infatuation and enthusiasm.

When one allows a falcon to be a part of his vision in soothing and comforting times, it allows the person to be more familiar with problems and find answers to questions. It makes the imperative knowledge available to him that he must be acquainted with.

This bird is always willing to give thoughtful and meaningful messages, but it entirely depends on the person how he makes use of that knowledge.


Falcon shows up as a spirit guide when...


  • You need assistance.
  • You need healing of your soul.
  • You need to accompany your soul back to the other world.
  • You need to learn to be swift.
  • You need to learn the aerobatics of life.


Call on falcon as a spirit guide when...


  • You need control your speed in the walk of life.
  • You need to understand magic.
  • You need to control your movements.
  • You need healing.
  • You should have knowledge of aerobatics of life.

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