Falcon meaning

Are you looking for the spiritual meaning behind seeing a Falcon?

Do you want to uncover the biblical meaning? What does it mean to see a Falcon in real life? The famous birds of prey, Falcons are generally known as the emblem of achievement, success, and triumph. This bird is the epitome of ecstasy, high fortitude, and acumen. Falcons are often considered a great totem when we need to face problems or predicaments in life.

Falcons are generally entitled as the “king of all birds.” The Falcon’s appearance conveys the message of knowledge, enlightenment, brilliance, and intelligence. It brings about those qualities in a person which embraces him to envision brightness and vividness, letting the person foresee hope and positiveness. The peregrine Falcon is the most popular bird of prey, it is indigenous to Egyptians, capable of ethereal finesse, and clocked as the speediest. Peregrine Falcon has been used as Falconry for centuries due to its mental power, its high speed and the implausible ability to stalk its prey.

Symbol of Falcon Animal Totem Spirt

I’m Flo and I am here to help. Today I saw a Falcon flying in the field opposite my house. It made me focus on an understanding of why this “symbol” came in my path. Were all living super busy lives, and it is easy to miss some super important symbols from our spirit guides. It is crucial to stop and think about some of the animals that come in our path.

The name is derived from a Latin word “falcoperegrenus” which means stranger or a foreigner. The name completely goes with the nature of the bird as it is often found to be migrating rather than being sluggish and is frequently found all over the world. They are the wanderers roaming from place to place. This migratory bird is seen to travel large distances. Falcons are the birds that can fly the highest. They are the commendable hunters and are deemed to be prominent in creativeness and vision. 

The Falcon revitalizes a person to lead a focused, purposeful, and meaningful life. It also encourages transformation and evolution. It convinces one to bring positive changes in every aspect of life, for instance in work, employment, and career.

  • Leadership and ruling over others – You will have an opportunity going forward
  • Being powerful in a lifetime to shine and be powerful like the Falcon

Time to show braveness and pursuit of goals and success

Egyptian Lore On Falcons

The Falcon falls under the element of fire according to, which indicates that astrologically the Falcon means that you hold the hidden knowledge.

In my readings, occultists believe that the signs we see in daily life, in our dreams or meditations actually mean something and that we are a supernatural power. In fact, in ancient Egypt they believed the world as it is an illusion and that our spiritual world is connected to our daily life - and that we are “shown” bird symbols, such as the Falcon in order to be given a message from above. 

Egyption meaning of a falcon

Falcons are regarded in Egypt to be associated with the holy features, being divine and sacred. Egyptians revere Falcons as the symbolic representation of the rising sun, being the evidence of astral persuasion. Egyptian representations regarded god Horus having combined features of many species, however, the most significant creature was a peregrine Falcon, renowned for its speed making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom. 

God Horus (including Ra) is eminent as a man with a Falcon's head. Ancient poems regarded god Ra as a Falcon. Falcon was considered to be associated with the astral world and the manifestation and expression of masculine and solar god.

Teachings from the Falcon Animal Totem

The Falcon shows one what he is capable of. It invokes such a spirit into a person which pushes him to be more organized and systematic. It encourages us to achieve our goals and targets and to be ambitious and motivated in every phase of life. It endeavors to teach a lesson about being vigilant and to be conscientious about one’s needs and desires. It summons one towards passion, infatuation and enthusiasm.

When one allows a Falcon to be a part of his vision in soothing and comforting times, it allows the person to be more familiar with problems and find answers to questions. It makes the imperative knowledge available to him that he must be acquainted with. This bird is always willing to give thoughtful and meaningful messages, but it entirely depends on the person how he makes use of that knowledge.

In Egypt, the Falcon was seen as a symbol of the rising sun and the king of all the birds in the world. In ancient times the gods sometimes had the “symbol” of the Falcon and this is why most of them were shown with either the head of the Falcon or the body of the Falcon. A long time ago when I was doing some crystal gazing I can remember seeing an Egyptian symbol in the shape of a Falcon. I researched this further and discovered that RA the solar deity (Greek god) wore the Falcon's head. In spiritual terms the Falcon represents ruling over others, overcoming problems and wisdom. The Falcon also appeared in my vision because it is connected to the spiritual realm and the attachment of the higher self.

Here I am going to be giving you that message. Maybe the Falcon has appeared in your dreams or you are feeling that this bird is your animal totem. Should focus on freedom and do not let things hold you back - sour in the sky!

What Does it Mean Spiritually to See a Falcon?

Seeing a Falcon flying in the sky as symbolism is very powerful indeed! Falcons are known as diurnal birds, they are covered with fevers and biblically the Falcon is also connected to the “vulture” in the King James Version. The Falcon is beautiful and has a regal stance.

It is believed to be a symbol of leadership and role models. This was in relation to the belief that most of its hunting techniques were figurative and as a result, if the bird happened to make their nest upon one's home it was a clear sign that at a given point in time, one of the members from that home would become an eminent and successful leader. This was a common belief and was deemed to be significant in most of the East African countries. 

Spiritually Signs of Seeing A Falcon

  • Biblically the message here is to be careful of your range of vision. 
  • Seeing a Falcon in the open sky means you are going to see things the way they should in the coming days. 
  • If one happened to see a Falcon perched on a tree then that was an indication to the viewer to act on the prevailing opportunities.
  • Beware of the vulture in life if a Falcon comes near your window.
  • Things in life will speed up because the Falcon is a sign of searching quickly.
  • The Falcon in the Western tradition is believed to bring news and even powerful messages. 
  • The Falcon is depicted as having the duty of whispering secret messages in the ear of those that it conveys the message – expect secrets to be revealed.
  • There is a common belief that existed was that if a Falcon comes to fly near you then it is a sign and a clear message for one to look out for new ideas as well as to broaden one's perspectives and point of view including searching for inner and fresh ideas.
  • Usually, the Falcon rides in the direction of the wind, meaning that something will come strong. Maybe a storm but you can get through this in life!
  • Seeing Falcon eating means that a task will lead to much success without many obstacles.
  • In the event where a Falcon would try to land on its prey and as a result, missed it, this is a clear sign to be watching for danger. 
  • To see a flying Falcon in the air it is a message to be patient but remains a leader.

What Does the Falcon Mean Spiritually?

The Falcon is the symbol of the soul.  The Falcon is mentioned in seven verses an in the bible and there are different stories and birds of prey featured. There are two specific Falcons in biblical symbolism. These are the “wild” Falcon and then the “domestic.” 

Both these birds are representative of the holy person, the Christian faith. One of the earliest written records of dreams was papyrus in 1250 BC and it recorded 200 dreams and their meanings. The reason I mention this is because an interesting symbol in this record was represented by the Horus which is a Falcon-headed symbol!

In Egyptian mythology, Horus is connected to the symbol of trickery and vengeance. Greeks believe that horus is connected to the gods and the Falcon is supposed to represent the unconscious, the collective mind.  The Egyptians believed that the Falcon is connected to healing properties and often the symbol of the Falcon was worn by the dead around their necks for protection.

What are the African Superstitions Around Falcons?

There are many superstitions around the Falcon. For instance, in some African societies, it was believed that by placing the wing feathers on the ridges of one’s house it would lead to good luck especially if one was a hunter since it was believed that if that was done, then they would be accepted by the gods to have a humble return. On the other hand, there existed a common belief especially in some communities in Kenya whereby it was believed that if one happened to step on the bird’s shadow then that person would be blessed to accumulate wealth and become rich in the future

Falcon's Animal Totem

You might read all about how a Falcon can be an animal totem. But what does this mean? If you are not yet aware, there are several animals in the world that can be your totem animal and help you to understand your surroundings and give you spiritual guidance in meditation.

In order to find out what totem animal you have you can either carry out meditation or you might keep seeing this animal totem and it appears in your life. For the Falcon to keep appearing in your path indicates that you may need to take the “spiritual” message seriously. When an animal becomes your spirit animal, it carries important messages to you which will determine your whole life. And due to that, it is important that you focus on whatever message is being brought to you and act accordingly. 

There is in a total of 60 species of Falcon in the world and you can find that you are aware of the certain Falcon. The Falcon bird has great powers and is considered to move with a lot of speed. The bird is believed to live up to 15 years. It likes to rest on high and tall buildings, looking down on the world. The Falcon bird is found in almost every part of the world except Antarctica and has long wings of about forty inches long. The Falcon is a very popular animal as a spirit animal and in most cases, you will happen to see it when you are undecided and are unsure of what you really want in your life. Whenever you are having dilemmas in life that are proving to be a challenge, the wonderful Falcon can appear as your totem animal in order to come to a conclusion.  Also, from a biblically and spiritual viewpoint when a Falcon appears, it is a symbol of success and victory. 

The Symbolic Meaning of a Falcon in Various Cultures

The symbol of the Falcon in different cultures is important to review. The Falcon is found in almost every corner of the world and it is best known as a “bird of prey.” The most popular Falcons are the peregrine Falcon and the blue Falcon. In European traditions, the Falcon was a symbol of the huntsman, and most of the time, it was associated with war. In German, the Falcon is considered a symbolism of the Greek and Egyption gods

The peregrine Falcon is known as the duck hawk in America. It is a bird of prey that is around 35cm long

In the western tradition, Falcons are connected to how well they hunt prey. The French saw a Falcon symbol as warriors and used the image in various wars. The English believed the Falcon would enter one's path when victory was apparent. 

The German story of Loki, which is a nose god. Loki was a shapeshifter and took forms of a mare, salmon, and a fly. Loki stole a dress of Falcon feathers and was associated with being dishonest and tricking people. Additionally, in German folklore, there was another old Norse story of Frigga, who was the wife of Odin. The fridge knew the fate of all beings and his wife, Freya owned the dress of feathers. In German folklore, the Falcon is considered tricking other people but has more wisdom them others.  

Spiritual Meaning of a Peregrine Falcon Characteristic and Traits

A peregrine Falcon is one of the most popular Falcons. It feeds on strange things such as other birds bats and mice. It has wings, which are blue-gray in color with a dark brown back. Some scientists consider the peregrine Falcon as one of the fastest animals in the world! The bird is able to fly for long distances without having to rest and thus, is normally considered a migratory bird. It is well known for its best ability to find prey quickly in the toughest conditions and holds much intelligence. 

That trait and characteristic of the Falcon make it be considered as an animal that can help you to make strategies and calculate when it comes to your life as a totem animal. If you utilize its strategies, you will be able to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. They will make you have a good focus on your goals and enable you to do what it takes in order to achieve them.

In many ancient texts the peregrine Falcon is symbolic of speed. It tends to be faster than other Falcons. Its speed indicates that you need to have a speed of thoughts; be quick to think and evaluate a situation. Often, seeing this bird in the wild indicates that you will need at times to make quick decisions in order to save a situation in life. It is a magical bird which will be able to direct you on your spiritual path.

The Falcon As Your Animal Totem

With a Falcon as your animal totem, you will be able to be fast and efficient when working on something. When it comes to your love life or family life, the Falcon will help you to make decisions that will save otherwise grave situations. A Falcon in your meditations as a spirit animal should make it possible for you to understand the best opportunities and work on them as fast as possible. Remember that, opportunities don’t come on a daily basis and thus, you will need to grab as many opportunities as you can and finish them as fast as possible so that you venture onto the next. 

Remember that, as the Falcon is a solar bird, he brings passion into your life. So if you are given the Falcon as a spirit animal, you should be passionate but at the same time, be cautious. 

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Falcon Above You In The Sky

The Falcon above you in the sky is a warning that you need to organize your life and put your mind into gear before you react to your passion. If you want to be successful, make sure that your strategy is right. In native Indian folklore Falcons flying are considered one of the most powerful birds and denote leadership and challenges. The Falcon also represents nature and nurture. The symbol of the Falcon was often used on poles to denote victory in battles. In meditation, the native red Indians believed the Falcon would provide rich insight spiritually.

What Does Dreaming of a Falcon Mean?

I have a massive dream dictionary that includes the Falcon in more detail, here I will briefly mention what the Falcon means in a dream. When you start having dreams about the Falcon, it means that you need to focus on your goals. It is time to have a strategy focus on clear actions to achieve your goals.

A dream about a Falcon can be symbolic of freedom. It could be a warning to you that, you are a free individual and thus, able to make decisions and choices in life without having to rely on anyone else. To see a flying Falcon in your dream is a good sign which is indicative of a lot of success in the coming days. A Falcon which is catching food/prey in your dream denotes that, there is abundance. Often, I feel that a Falcon in dreams means that your financial situation is going to improve in the coming days and thus, you need not worry about anything. 

How Do You Summon the Spirit of the Falcon into Your Life?

As I have mentioned before we all have animal totems. If you are sure that, you need the spirit of the Falcon in your life, then you may need to do a meditation to call on this bird. All you need is to invoke the Falcon spirit when you are doing your meditations and also during your relaxation time. Before you go to bed, it is good to call on this particular spirit to imagine yourself in the clouds in the sky and go down into a field. You should see a Falcon and ask the Falcon if he is your guide. Once the Falcon enters your sub-consciousness, the Falcon spirit will communicate a message to you about your own life or your own personality. Just listen to it carefully because it will bring you an important message which will change your life for the better.

What is The Meaning of a Falcon as a spirit animal?

The Falcon is all about Vision. If you need help seeing the way then call on this animal totem. As a spirit animal, the Falcon has various symbols attached to it with the most important one being its visionary powers. If it comes into your life as your spirit animal, it will be able to awaken your visionary powers and make you be able to view things in a different perspective. It is a magical animal which at times is associated with victory and wisdom.

The Falcon is normally associated with great success and victory by this animal. This animal means you will achieve your goals in life and all the good changes will follow you.

Spiritual meaning of seeing a dead Falcon

To see a dead Falcon is also a symbol of aspirations, freedom, superiority, and prophecy. As the Falcon has died it means that you need to think about any restrictions on you right now. Are you living up to your expectations? If it happens that a Falcon comes somewhere near you, in your waking life or even in your dream, you should take it seriously and master what it is trying to communicate to you. When you see a dead Falcon, spiritually you will be able to understand yourself better than you did before it came into your life.

As a spirit animal, the dead Falcon is able to make you very independent and that is why you will need to have some time alone just to meditate on your next steps in life. When you are alone and having time for yourself.

What does it mean for a Falcon to come flying into your window

If all of a sudden a Falcon comes flying into your window, it is a sign that you need to be careful and vigilant in the near future. This omen can mean are going to encounter opportunities that will come your way and you should be careful. Make use of the opportunities to your advantage. The Falcon has come into your life to help you in identifying the opportunities and utilizing them fully. It is going to help you to make strategies and plans which will end up being helpful to you.

If the Falcon appears in your garden or yard, it means that now is your time to be happy and make your life successful, but all that will be dependant on your quick response to situations. You need to focus on the opportunities which are around you and make sure you are grateful because not everyone has the same chance. There is something good that is coming your way which will make you to see opportunities much clearer and grab them to achieve your goals. All you need to do is have faith in yourself, your abilities and powers.

Falcons and your love life

Falcons can mean that new love is going to enter your life for a short period of time. If we look at the Falcon we can see how it interacts with its mate. Now, Falcons mate for life and breed in the same territory each year – this means in love you will enter a serious relationship or a spark of another relationship. In the Falcon world, there is courtship, after which, they make a nest in small caves or on edges located in high cliffs.

Falcons mate in late March through to May with a gestation period of 29 to 32 days for egg incubation. Their clutch size is between 3 to 4 eggs. The incubation is done by both the female and the male in turns. After 42 days of hatching, the chicks begin to fly, but at that stage, they are still dependant on the parents in order to learn how to hunt. During the breeding season, the Falcons are very territorial and vigorously defend their nests. The reason I have shared this with you is that you may find in love that someone is going to be “jealous” of your relationship.

Seeing a Falcon: Keywords of Symbolism

Symbolic Falcon meaning includes spirit, pre-eminence, supremacy, control, focus, strength, liberty, ambition, divination, willpower, and brilliance.

  • You need assistance.
  • You need healing of your soul.
  • You need to accompany your soul back to the other world.
  • You need to learn to be swift.
  • You need to learn the aerobatics of life.

Call on falcon as a spirit guide when...

  • You need control your speed in the walk of life.
  • You need to understand magic.
  • You need to control your movements.
  • You need healing.
  • You should have knowledge of aerobatics of life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013