Evil Eye

Evil eye

The Evil Eye works like a curse. It is thought to be inflicted on someone just by a looking at them or paying them a compliment.

It's use originates from Greece. It is believed by the people in the Southern Europe, Middle East, and North Africa, mostly everybody living near the Mediterranean Sea that one can curse another. Besides the mental curse, the body will also suffer. The symptoms are similar to flu. The curse can be intentionally or unintentionally given to another person. It normally comes from envy and is represented by a false compliment. Jealousy is another motive for Evil Eye and it manifests itself by paying the false compliment to the receiver - while keeping the eye fixed on the person. The common curse is when a person compliments another person's baby. The bearer of the compliment may not intentionally be cursing the baby but the evil eye folk lore believes they are. Thus, the Mediterranean parents insult the compliment maker, or dismiss the compliment by spitting. The wrongdoer doesn’t have to be known, but further protection is advised, once the Evil Eye has been removed.


The basic way to remove this form of a curse is by replacing the fluids lost by the body with new ones, hence the spitting. In many cultures, there are as many solutions for the curse. If the affected person is a child, the parents offer cleansing by an egg. To remove this curse, the person must take a black chicken egg, and then use it to pass it from head to toes. Read out loud Psalm 23 and The Lord’s Prayer must be recited. Once finished, the egg must be thrown at a crossroads. The person must never look back. If there is no crossroad, the egg can be thrown against a very big tree. 

Removing the curse with Olive Oil

The second technique to remove the curse of the evil eye involves water and a bottle of olive oil. In a bowl, the water is poured and then the olive oil, until there is a ring of oil formed on the water. Lord’s Prayer must be the prayer used during the process. The water is used here to counteract, so after the technique is over, the water is tossed outside and the patient must never look back.

Using the Okra plant to remove the evil eye

This plant, Okra, is used for many curse removals. Another name for this plant is ila. The solution is to take a bath with 13 okra pods smashed together in a big bowl of warm water. The remains must stay there for at least 30 minutes. The entire mix is then poured over the subject's head in the bathtub, but only the liquid not the plant too. It must be poured on the head while praying to break the curse. 

Prevention of the evil eye

Wearing the evil eye apostrophic charms are the main preventing measure against the curse, but other charms will work as well. After a removal technique like the ones described above, the person can choose a prevention technique. The colors that prevent the curse are blue and red, the colors of the water and the fire. Beads are used nowadays, with colored glass, on a necklace or bracelet, and it has to have the form of an eye. The Mediterranean houses have this charms hanged by the door, so no curse can be cast upon the family by the neighbors or any visitor. For a better protection, every three months the charms must be dressed with protective oil. Coral jewelry can be worn to protect against the evil eye, because coral is found in the sea it is a great charm to counteract against the evil eye. 

Protection Mojo Bag

A protection bag can be made to protect against the evil eye. This bag is made from powerful herbs that can fight against dark magic - please see the protection herb article, this protection mojo bag can also help prevent evil spirits harming the subject.

By Florance Saul
Dec 24, 2012