Have you ever been visited by an Emu?

This bird is considered as the second largest in the word and the largest in Australia. It is known for its speed and being nomadic. They can very well survive either in cooler or hotter regions because of their adaptability. Emu are very loud animal using their booming or drumming voice to communicate.

The animal symbolism of an Emu has an association with excellence. If you are up to something and this flightless feathered bird comes into your thought, you are in pursuit of excellence. Those visited by this creature is inspired by its gift of hard work and diligence, making it possible to meet success.

Spiritual excellence enters the life of those visited by the emu since it is considered as a good teacher and guide for those who endeavor to seek wisdom. Those who considers this animal as their totem, experience that they devout time on spiritual concerns. Those who are seeking for knowledge can call on the energy of the emu to take them to what they are aspiring for.

Listen to what the emu is trying to tell you once they come into your mind. Always remember that emu do not welcome tardiness. Since this animal is a symbol of excellence, it always wants that those who call on them will exhibit nothing less than striving to have the best. The emu never wants people to take things for granted. It has a very hyper energy that is not soothing if you will not try to live with it. There is nothing wrong with striving to excel in everything that you do. What you have to do is do something and do it well.

If this animal pays you a visit in a moment when a work is on progress or there is something you wish to achieve, it prompts you to speed up! There may be animals that remind us to slow down but the symbolism of emu has something to do with doing things fast. In spiritual side, this speeding up is to look into your ways of handling spiritual matters, maybe you need to check on your spiritual habits, maybe you are being lazy or very relaxed on this matter.

The energy of Emu has long been linked to having nourishing journey. The journeys that can provide experience that is very much nourishing to your physical and spiritual well-being.

The bird emu also symbolizes infidelity since it has been observed that their statue living is polygamous. This is a stern warning that once visited by this bird, there may be problem on relationship that may arise.

As noticed, the emu communicates in drumming voice or booming sound that is very loud and catches attention of others. It is on this basis that the emu is also a sign for you to listen and pay attention. There are things in life that most often are neglected, when the energy of emu is welcomed in your system, look within and analyze yourself. There you will find things that the emu wants you to concentrate on and immediately do something about it in order to make yourself better or semblance of excellence.

The EMU shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You develop strong mindedness and established longed focus in life.
  • Set directions for eventual attainment of goals.
  • Felt spiritual achievement with excellence.
  • Able to understand oneself and employs speed in every undertakings.
  • Learns to listen and pays attention when needed.

Call on EMU as a spirit guide when

  • Things to get done are difficult to do.
  • There is difficulty in attaining focus in life.
  • You desire not to sacrifice spiritual pursuits.
  • Needs to know nourishing ways to improve relationships and spirituality.
  • Excellence in life is too difficult to achieve.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013