Elk is also known as wapiti.

This animal totem is similar to a deer, a large warm blooded animal that inhabits land. This animal totem shows a combination of stamina, power and nobility.They are found in eastern Asia and North America.

The Elk symbolically means medicine. Calling upon this animal totem gives one medication for the traits that we desire in our life’s. It enhances the following traits: endurance, liveliness, passion, strength, respect and sovereignty.

There are several symbolic lessons that one can learn from the characters of an Elk. If you travel on the road of learning’s with the Elk you will become persistent, industrious, and motivated. The Elk teaches us to embrace such traits and enable us to achieve our goals in life. Regardless of the pace you should achieve your goals without much straining.

The Elk also teaches us to be alert and conscious in our surrounding’s at all times. Anything can happen at any time. Just as the elk can run fast for a long time and deal with anything that entangles them, we need to be aware of our surrounding’s at all times. The Elk can be reluctant one minute and aggressive the next. Quite unpredictable!

Those who possess the character of an Elk often feel the need of support and companionship. Everyone needs a companion. We cannot be good at everything and we, therefore, need other people to encourage us so we can all achieve our goals. The saying is: united we stand, divided we fall.

Help is right with us. The only thing we need to do is to ask for help. A diet of vegetables can really provide great strength and eliminate stress from our bodies.

Elks are proud animals. They believe in themselves. They are always full of self confidence. Thus, as your totem animal it is a message to be more self-forgiving – have more confidence.

This animal will require space to be alone. Therefore, this totem animal requires you to find time to be alone. Meditation gives us a sound mind. Elks are quite unpredictable. They can get violent in one instant especially when they are being protective.

People who have the Elk as their totem animal may lack fair judgement. They tend to be subjective. This should be controlled - to avoid any negative impacts. On a more positive note, to meditate on the Elk means positive self-image, respect, and honor.

To choose this as one’s animal totem means you want nothing but the best. They believe in themselves. As humans, they are sometimes torn between personal life and career. They also like to do everything for they own good.

This shows how they love themselves so much at the expense of other people around them. What matters to them are their own achievements? Yes. They are depicted as being egocentric.

Think about yourself. Do some self examination. Is it important to be more confident, powerful, strong, impressive, proud, sovereign, and lively? Then meditate on the Elk.

Elk shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need strength.
  • You feel bored.
  • You want to be powerful.
  • You don’t feel secure.
  • You lack fair judgement.

Call on Elk as a spirit guide when

  • You need to show confidence.
  • You feel weak.
  • You need to impress someone.
  • You need company.
  • You need some time to be alone.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013