Eggs are used in protection. There are a number of ways that eggs can be used to cleanse yourself. Normally, in a hoodoo, an egg of a black hen is used. Eggs can cleanse and tell your future. In order to predict your future I recommend this simple cleansing ritual, but more importantly, it helps you when you feel your life is out of control. Egg cleansing is a simple way to make sure that you remove all negative energies from your life. I wrote this article back in 2016 but clearly, egg cleansing has been really popular on Tiktoc so I am updating this with the ancient methods of not only hoodoo but also the general egg practices that you can use for fortune telling. Let's get into it!

Egg cleanse - the easy way!

The first question is how to do it. I like to use the old hoodoo method of cleansing which has the most impact. The egg will need to be washed with Florida water or vodka, let the egg dry naturally in the sunlight or moonlight. When this egg is dry then take a hot bath. Wash with the egg and imagine the egg is taking out all the negative energy inside you. Rub the egg from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes. Get out of the bath and then get a glass and crack the egg open. It is now time to read the signs of this egg to see if the negative energy is removed  The methods of reading the signs of egg pagination are as important as doing the egg cleansing itself. More than one sign may be readable in one reading and hence the readings can change from case to case. 

How to use eggs for future predictions of your life

I have given you how I would cleanse myself with the egg above, but there are other methods of divination such as egg fortune-telling that have been used for centuries to gain insight into various aspects of life, without the cleansing. If I just want to read the egg (without doing the cleanse ritual above) then my personal favorite is to crack open an egg and read the egg white for signs of your future. Just crack an egg open and put it into a glass. A cracked eggshell is cracked and its shapes, colors, and patterns can also be interpreted. I will also add that tarot cards or astrology can be used to aid the interpretation. 

How to carry out a general fortune-telling reading using eggs

If you cannot be bothered to cleanse and just want straight forward predictions then this method can assist you. Gather all the materials you will need to predict your future using eggs. A bowl to collect the shells after cracking the eggs and several raw eggs are included. Then, with your left hand, place one egg and make a wish. Crack the egg onto the bowl or plate below while thinking about what you would like to know. Look for any patterns, shapes, or colors that catch your eye in the egg white, and read my signs below. You may interpret events differently depending on what you find in the eggshell, I also have a tea leave reading dictionary on my website so if there is a shape or pattern be sure to look this up. Consider how each part of the egg white could relate to your question or query. If you want to refer back to your thoughts and impressions later, write them down in a notebook, I always keep notebooks of my future predictions. In my view, I have gained great insight into life circumstances by carefully observing and interpreting egg whites. I will now go onto what to look for in the egg:

The color and shapes of the yolk - future predictions

If the yolk is found to be smooth and clear with no signs of blood, bubbles, or bad odor then the person cleaned is considered to be clear. If the yolk shows the feature of a male or female then it represents witchcraft on the person has been successful and this person is now cleansed. If the yolk shows an eye then the person is said to be under the influence of the evil eye. If the York shows the sign of a bird - such as an owl, crow, or vulture then the person is said to be under witchcraft.

blood spots egg magic

What do blood spots In Eggs mean?

If there are blood spots on the yolk then it is a sign of strong witchcraft that has been carried out on the person, with the intent of total destruction. Such a person normally fails to find success in life. This person lacks energy and enthusiasm and this results in failure in everything. The blood may be clearly visible or it may happen that the yolk is reddish in color. In both cases it is a sign of the effect of an evil soul, which is said to walk with person thus bringing bad luck in everything. The fact that this is shown in the egg means the evil is now removed from your soul.

color of the white in the egg magic

What does the color of the white In the egg mean?

The color of the white in the egg, after breaking open the egg also provides important signs. If it is dark and murky or frothy, it means that you are frightened and your soul needs to feel more confident. If the water is white and cloudy then it is an indication of witchcraft and thus must be read properly with other signs as well. Good news is that through the cleansing the evil has been removed.

egg odor graphology

What does it mean spiritually to smell egg odor?

If the water smells bad then it is a sign of witchcraft that has been carried out on the person to bring bad luck and failure. This intention is to harm you. It indicates that some bad spirit has been sent by someone. If the water is giving an odor of sulfur then is the situation is considered to be very serious. A further egg cleanses will ensure that all the negative energy is removed.

pearls in the egg white magic

What does it mean when you see pearls in the egg white?

The pearls are the small bubbles that are sometimes formed when after cracking the egg. If these are drapes attached to the bottom of these pearls then it represents that there are good spirits looking after you.

cages in the egg magic

What do cages in the egg mean?

If big balloon-type shapes are formed in water then it is indicative that the person is trapped in the present situation and his situation will not improve quickly. The cage may represent a bad situation because of witchcraft completed by somebody or due to the result of the wrongdoings. In such a situation the egg cleansing ritual should be conducted many times.

What do other signs in the egg mean?

When cleansing with the egg if this breaks in your hand at the time of doing the cleaning then it means the bad spirits are trying to stop you from being protected. The advice is to repeat the process. To smash the egg on the floor while preparing the ritual means a serious situation requiring further help - consult the tarot cards. 

How do you get rid of the egg safely after cleansing?

One important precaution is to carefully dispose of the egg after the cleansing so as not to bring bad luck back to the person. As many signs can appear at any time and the situation of each person may be unique hence the subject is quite vast. You can either not read the sign in the egg and smash the whole egg against a tree, or you can tip the contents at the foot of the tree. If you have had a particularly bad reading or situation it is advised to throw the egg into a crossroads.

 Egg cleansing is a shamanic process of helping life in general and healing your aura, it is about removing anything "unwanted" and helps you manifest what you would like in the future. I have found over the years egg cleanses will help you remove energy, bad vibes, stress, and also a series of bad luck. There are certain things you need to be aware of before you embark on this form of cleansing. In Spanish egg, cleansing is called “la limp” and comes from the traditions of Mexico, Italy, and also the Philippines, but mainly hoodoo.

How do you carry out a hoodoo spiritual egg house cleanse with steps?

I have detailed a very simple method of house cleansing above, but this is another alternative way to cleanse your house:

What you will need:

  • One egg (try to get an egg from a black hen)
  • A white candle
  • Bowl
  • Glass - that is filled with water

1. To perform a house egg cleansing according to the alternative hoodoo practice, find a private and peaceful place.
2. In a bowl of water, crack one or two eggs, making sure the whites are included as well.
3. Chant, pray or incant over egg water as you hold your hands over it.
4. Discard the broken pieces of eggshell outside, preferably facing in the same direction as your house.
5. Likewise, allow the remaining bowl of egg water to sit for a few minutes before discarding it outdoors.
6. Concentrate on removing any negative energies from your home while disposing of the egg water.
7. Last but not least, cleanse the area with a smudging ritual to remove any remaining negativity.
8. Take a deep breath and thank the universe for protecting you and your family.
9. To keep negative energy at bay, repeat this ritual as often as you feel necessary.

What is the spiritual meaning of an egg cleanse?

New beginnings are often associated with egg cleanses spiritually. I’d like to share with you that when you have enough dedication and focus, anything is possible, and eggs symbolize potential and possibility. As a spiritual practice, an egg cleanse may be a way of resetting oneself, letting go of any negative or stagnant energy, and starting anew. Mental clarity and focus are also said to be improved by it on an emotional level. The spiritual meaning of an egg cleanse can vary depending on a person's beliefs, but it typically relates to rebirth and renewal. If you are thinking of carrying out an egg cleanse then I will help take you through the steps. First, let’s equant ourselves with what eggs mean spiritually. 
Many cultures, including Christianity, associate eggs with spirituality and religion. In the Bible, eggs are seen emerging from their shells like new life, a symbol of resurrection. As well as symbolizing God's creative power, they also symbolize the promise of eternal life that Jesus Christ offers. Religious ceremonies have sometimes used eggs to symbolize regeneration and rejuvenation. In addition to being a symbol of growth and abundance, eggs are also a symbol of fertility and the birth of a newborn, if we turn this around the cleansing of the egg can indicate that new things are on the horizon. 
With the cracking of an egg representing new life, the egg becomes a universal symbol for Easter whereby we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During Easter celebrations, chocolate eggs are often eaten because of this reason. A fresh start is also symbolized by eggs, as well as hope and a new beginning. In many cultures, eggs are seen as symbols of abundance, fertility, and life.
It is even believed that they are a sign of good luck and prosperity in some cultures. The act of breaking an egg in front of a house is thought to bring prosperity and luck to its occupants in some Mediterranean cultures. Ancient mythology and folklore also heavily feature eggs. There are often themes of rebirth, cosmic creation, and fertility incorporated into the symbolism. It has been said that eggs were the source of life itself, from which Gods and Goddesses emerged and the world was created. Life, renewal, fertility, and abundance are all symbolized by eggs. As symbols of hope for a new beginning, they are seen as signs of resurrection in Christianity. Some cultures consider them to bring good luck and prosperity. As a symbol of hope and new beginnings, eggs have played an important role throughout history.
The symbolism of eggs can also be seen in many Easter traditions. For example, using dyed eggs is a popular tradition to celebrate Easter around the world. The egg plays an important role in the Christian celebration of the resurrection and is often shared as a symbol of new life and hope for those celebrating the holiday. In some traditions, eggs are also exchanged between friends and family as a sign of love and affection to mark the beginning of springtime.  Ultimately, eggs have become an important part of many cultural and spiritual celebrations throughout history, symbolizing hope, fertility, and new beginnings.
By understanding the symbolism behind eggs, we can gain an appreciation for the important role they play in both religious and cultural traditions. They represent life, hope, fertility, and abundance and are used to mark special occasions like Easter and other holidays. Eggs have been seen as a powerful symbol of new beginnings throughout history and are still celebrated today.

What is the origin of egg cleansing and its symbolism?

Origins of egg cleansing and symbolism can be traced back to ancient cultures. Many religious traditions associate eggs with fertility, renewal, and new beginnings. Eggs were also offered in some cultures as offerings during rituals or placed in tombs to ensure the departed had enough nourishment in the afterlife. Furthermore, some believed that raw egg whites could purify the body and heal the body physically and spiritually. It is still believed that eggs hold the potential of many cultures and religions even today. Over time, egg cleansing has largely retained its symbolic meaning.

What is the history of spiritual egg cleansing?

Different cultures have used eggs in various rituals and ceremonies since ancient times. Eggs were sometimes buried with the dead to provide nourishment for their journey into the afterlife. Raw egg whites were also believed to aid in physical and spiritual healing and to purify the body
Hoodoo uses egg cleansing rituals to remove negative energy from people. It involves cracking an egg into the water, taking the broken pieces outside, and discarding them while saying certain prayers or chants. Traditionally, egg water is believed to protect against negative influences.

What are the benefits of spiritual egg cleansing?

By cleansing spiritual eggs, negative energy can be removed. Protecting your home and life from dark influences, it helps to keep negativity at bay. The ritual can also improve mental clarity and focus, and many people report feeling renewed after performing it. A spiritual egg cleanse can be a powerful tool for re-igniting your spirit and starting fresh. Your individual beliefs and circumstances will ultimately determine the benefits of this ritual.

What are some other ways to perform a spiritual egg cleanse?

Besides the hoodoo method described above, there are several other ways to perform a spiritual egg cleanse. The moonlight, for instance, can be used to draw negativity out of an egg cracked into water. It is also popular to crack an egg into your hand and visualize releasing any unwanted energy as you discard the shell. The consumption of raw egg whites is also believed by some cultures to cleanse the body and promote physical and spiritual health. Each person's beliefs and circumstances will determine how they perform these rituals.

Do you need to use specific eggs for a spiritual egg cleanse?

A spiritual egg cleanse does not require any specific eggs. For this ritual, some people recommend using eggs from free-range or organic farms. It is also believed that brown eggs can be used to draw out negative energy, while white eggs can bring in light and positivity. Your beliefs and circumstances will ultimately determine what kind of egg you use.
Spiritual egg cleansing is a ritual used to remove negative energy from an individual. The practice involves cracking an egg into a bowl of water and disposing of the broken pieces outside while chanting or praying. In some cultures, raw egg whites are believed to purify and heal the body, both physically and spiritually. 

How can you cleanse your home using eggs?

It is recommended that you clean your home at least twice a year. The home can be protected against unwanted energies between these cleanings, however. Following the cleaning, you should take protective measures if you have chosen to bless your home. Before moving on to the next room, some people bless and protect the previous one. There is no difference between the two; they are both equally effective. People can carry negative energies into your home, but they can also enter through doors, windows, and other openings. 

I always make sure I cleanse my home along door thresholds and windowsills, as well as near other entrances like the fireplace, straight lines made with a protective agent, can act as a barrier or deterrent - such as salt, egg shells, etc. In order to protect against harmful energy. The one I like best is a black salt spell, this is great to cast to drive away evil, but this spell can also be used to cast negative spells. An oil that repels harmful energies is called Protection Oil and you can add a little egg white to this oil, if you don't have this normal olive oil some basil and a little egg white can be used. Obviously, I am here to discuss eggs and how you can cleanse your home with eggs rather than go deeper into hoodoo.

If you want to cleanse your home using eggs crack open the egg. I would recommend that you remove the egg shells and crush these into a powder, recite the Lord's prayer over the powder and visualize that these are protective over your house. The next stage is to add a pinch of eggshell to your mopping water, then mop the floors from the back to the front and tip the water outside the step. This is basically removing negative energy in the hope.

Remember, salt is a powerful weapon against negativity. To protect yourself, place salt bags or rock salt outside your doors. Spiritual shops have done this to protect their businesses.

Security of Doors and Windows

I always say to keep a purifying agent near the entrances of your home to prevent contamination. Florida Water and camphor both purify. So what is Florida water? To make this water, add orange peel and lemon peel, salt, cinnamon stick crushed, and vodka. I also like to add some rose drops of essential oil and mix these together and lay outside for 29.5 days in the moonlight.

Florida Water evaporates quickly so you need to monitor it for refills. A medium once taught me an easier technique. As a cough suppressant and topical analgesic, Vicks Vaporub is mainly composed of camphor. It is also possible to buy other brands that contain the same amount of Vicks Vaporub at a lower price. After the odor has subsided, remove the lid, place the jar near your home's entrances, and then replace it with a new one. The votive cup and the jar should be kept away from pets.

Reversing negative energies directed at you can also be accomplished using mirrors. A mirror with the reflective side facing inward should be placed near windows or outside doors. Similar mirrors made of Bagua are used by Feng Shui practitioners.

You can protect your door from evil spirits and malicious intent by hanging a bell on it. I always find that Christmas is a good time to use doorknob bells, which are easily found on sale. Christmas ornaments can be removed if you wish. However, this does not negate their purpose.

Another way to protect your house is to use Red brick dust. This is quite a hoodoo way of protecting your home. A modern form of ancient red ocher pot clay used in rites is also known as red brick dust. Red brick dust can be sprinkled on the front door of your house to protect it. This will protect you from any negative energies. You can also use a wash to clean the door. Boil the water and basil. Strain the liquid into a bucket of warm water. Use this wash to clean the door.

I do hope that these cleansing "egg" methods will help you cleanse yourself and your home using eggs. Also, note that eggs can help predict your future and I hope you have fun doing so.


By Florance Saul
Feb 5, 2017