The echidna totem teaches one that it is important to keeping track of matters close to the heart: such as one’s home, relatives, neighbors and to strive to make one’s life successful and serene.

Its predisposition is friendly and also caring it's never the actual instigator of problems. Your teaching through the echidna is supposed to keep belief strong and have the confidence in oneself. The echidna closely resembles a platypus. It also looks like a hedgehog. It does not give birth to children, rather it lays eggs. They are ground inhabitants but they have the ability to swim when needed. Did you know that the echidna is the oldest living mammal? There are three monotremes that currently exist, the short-beaked echidna and the long-beaked echidna and finally the platypus. These all come under the echidna umbrella, they produce milk to feed their young. They are mostly found in Australia and spiritually they are connected to how we relax in life. They are connected to how “unique” we are in life and that they encourage happiness and being creative in life.

So what is the teaching of the enchidna? In my opinion, these animals demonstrate that being wide open, to uncover new wonders every single day is a positive trait of one’s personality.The Echidna offers a young child-like approach to matters in life. Their friendliness and also awareness can easily open the hearts of other people. If this mammal is attacked by one more person, (which hardly ever happens) the spines will certainly safeguard the echidna. The echidna is a small and chubby creature with spines on its body. These spines are pointed like blade’s and the Echidna has the ability to erect them when they sense danger.

People in parts of Africa, hunt them to eat as food. They are ground dwellers and live in cool, dry places. Their spade-like paws help them to dig their homes and in search of food. They dig into the ground to find ants and termites and consume them. To assist in digging and locating these underground insects, they possess a snout that generates electric signals and identifies the location of insects underneath the ground. They also possess a remarkable sense of smell but suffer from weak eyesight.

By taking just a little time out of our busy lives, we can see the big picture of our life forming in front of our eyes much easier and clearer. And if we dismantle the echidna totem for focusing on small things and lead our life roaming around only one thing then all we will be doing is cracking our internal peace and calamity of mind.

The echidna totem is the child in the medicine wheel. Its advice is to stop focusing on one problem alone. Another lesson that needs be learned from an echidna animal totem is how to find balanced nourishment by eating more healthy. This could be another way of revealing your inner-self. Just like an echidna, that struggles to find food by digging with its claws, while keeping the balance of reserve energy enough to defend itself from an attacking predator. If all the echidna’s energy is spent in digging ants or termites from the ground then if danger arrives it will have difficulty protecting its spines towards the enemy. Just like that, balance in life is taught by the echidna totem to lead a peaceful life.

Echidna shows as a spirit guide when

  • We are facing tough challenges.
  • We need to use our energy in a more competent way.
  • We need to reveal our true self.
  • We need to defend ourselves without losing our ground.
  • He wants to teach us that success does not happen in one day.

Call on Echidna as a spirit guide when

  • We want a problem to be resolved.
  • We need to allocate our energy onto the right things.
  • Showing your inner self.
  • Having grace under pressure.
  • Striving hard for a better future.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013