A Dugong is huge marine mammal that feeds on vegetables and dwells on clear shallow waters in the dams, rivers banks, ponds among other swampy places.

They grow up to be three meters long. They live a long life and rarely reproduce making them an endangered species.

The Dugong as a totem animal gives us a number of inspirational lessons. One is transparency and clear vision of our surroundings. They dwell in clear waters that enable them to see their enemies or friends.

They make us appreciate changes for the better. When we experience trials, difficulties and even good times, we learn from them and they shape our characters. In the same way, when there are tides in the waters, the Dugong tends to change their habits in order to survive.

Dugongs depend on vegetables alone as their main source of food. This animal totem teaches one that they should be peaceful and gentle in this world in order to work effectively with others. We should embrace harmony and peace. We should avoid war so we can do reasonable work. The orators once said “united we stand, divided we fall”.

The Dugong’s can bring help destabilize our emotions and lives. In life, what matters the most is the quality we receive from something rather than the quantity. What benefits can you derive from what you do? We can learn a lot about this from the dugong’s eating habits. They eat only a certain kind of grass that is nutritious to their body.

They encourage us to know ourselves and discover what we want in life so we can stand for our rights and work hard to achieve what is best for us. We need to be firm yet gentle to achieve our goals.

Those who choose a Dugong as their totem animal portray a unique personality - such as peace keeping. They do not tolerate war or fighting but they are vulnerable to those who attack them. They are blessed with divine wisdom and they give people great advice.

Those who meditate with the Dugong have different levels of self-esteem. What matters is the way that others view you. To see this totem animal approaching you in meditation means that you must think if the glass is either half full or half empty. It all depends on you!

Some say that the Dugong is huge and awkward looking while others say they are lean and beautiful. It all depends on ones perceptions. Those who have low self esteem tend to see things negatively. They are not comfortable with themselves and they don’t like the way they are. They do not adore or appreciate their body. Those with high self esteem are elegant. They love themselves.

Those with dugong characters are naturally friendly, wise, and good to be around, gentle, meek and educative.

Dugong shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are unable to control your emotions.
  • You need to understand the importance of vegetables as diet.
  • You need to realize what is happening in your surroundings.
  • You feel lonely.
  • You need wisdom.

Call on dugong as a spirit guide when

  • You are unable to see your real friends and enemies.
  • You are unable to appreciate yourself.
  • You feel fearful.
  • You feel a sense of low self esteem.
  • You feel irrational.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013