Baby duck

Duck is a general term for a vast number of species which includes the geese and the swans. 

Ducks are a lot smaller in size than the geese and most spend their time gliding on water’s surfaces.

Ducks are raised for their meat, eggs and sometimes their feathers.  They always have a specials spot in zoos.  Sad to say that some of their families, especially the wild ducks are being hunted for sports purposes, thus resulting to a popular word “sitting duck” which means easy target.

Richard Wiseman, a renowned psychologist states that above all animals, ducks are the animals that are usually used as a source of joke and humor.  This is probably a result of the ducks odd behavior.  Bucks are also related on today’s pop culture; Walt Disney created a fictional duck character named Donald Duck and Daffy Duck.

As a totem spirit ducks are associated with female intuition due to their connection with the water spirit.  We are often wondering why most of the times woman’s intuition is almost a hundred percent accurate.  A mother would know it if something bad is happening to her child, even though she is not seeing it.

Duck are teaching us to take every trial in life as an experience rather than to feel miserable and be emotional.  This creature is telling us to gain skills as we continue to roam life.  Observe how a duck drink water from the pond.

He completely submerged his head and drinks all the water he can get just to relinquish its thirst.  We should also do the same thing and consume everything that is happening to our life and gain knowledge from it.

They are also reminding us to move and glide to the surface of life with grace and poise.  Though water is full of mysteries and unknown we can always see a duck full with glamour and poise as it dance through the water.  The duck wants to remind us to never forget our grace even during tough times.  Always bear that self confidence and never lose your light.

Ducks can also heal your emotional problems. When you are undergoing too much emotional stress and negativity, call on ducks healing power and it will rejuvenate your tired soul.  If you want to forget all your miseries duck can do all of that and more. 

They can guide you to the safe path away from all your sadness and depressions.  Ducks are a symbol of happiness; it is heartbreaking to know that someone that stands for cheer and pure joy are being use as a decoy for hunting reasons.

Duck shows as an animal spirit when

  • We need to show grace under pressure.
  • You are undergoing a high level of emotional stress.
  • One wants to overcome any difficulties.
  • We want to laugh your heart out.
  • You want to know if your partner is faithful to you.

Call on duck as an animal spirit when

  • People are expecting too much from us.
  • When you need to relax and let go of that heavy emotions.
  • When you have problems and you need to deal with it.
  • When you simply want to forget everything for a moment.
  • You want to confirm the things that are bothering you.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013