Wind has a significant role in the life of a dragonfly and as a result of it being a wind creature the dragonfly symbolizes change and dynamism.

The beautifully colored wings of the dragonfly are very sensitive and responsive to these air motions. This makes them aware of the surrounding weather conditions because even a small change in wind power triggers a reaction from their wings and the dragonfly is able to interpret this accordingly.

Just like the dragonfly, we should be dynamic in our thinking and sensitive to turmoil in life to avoid running into impending bad situations.

Dragonflies are bred in water and therefore start their life in water. Dragonflies are hence water creatures being that they are found around water and depend on water during their reproduction. Water symbolizes hidden corners of mind or the inner deeper self and as such dragonflies represent our most inner thoughts found in our subconscious.

Some of these thoughts found deep in our inner self in the subconscious are able to be reached through states of complete relaxation, during sleeping through dreams and visions and in deep meditation that focuses our energy to certain desired aspects of life. Since the dragonfly passes on information concerning inner introspection it symbolizes the need to focus on our most inner thoughts and wishes.

There is more symbolic meaning of the dragonfly in the way it glides over the water surfaces as it moves from one point to another. This represents the surfacing of our inner most thought s and we should take heed of these thoughts to realize a particular desired outcome.

When these thoughts from our subconscious start to surface, the dragonfly serves to remind us to pay attention and keenly focus on these thoughts so that we can learn a thing or two from them.

The dragonfly helps to realize that our thoughts are directly manifested visibly and are therefore influence our perception of life and the physical environment that we are in contact with.

The dragonfly can represent deep meditation providing a tool to focus on our deeper thoughts and help in bringing such thoughts to the surface. Using this meditation tool inspired by the dragonfly we are able to see positive results in different situations when we chose to focus our concentration on the progressive thoughts and incorporate them in our life and this brings about hopefulness and peace of mind.

There are various other symbolic meanings of the dragonfly which include prosperity, good luck, strength, peace, harmony and purity. These are particularly associated with certain cultures of Asian (Japan) and Native American (Plains region) circles.

The dragonfly has a rather short life but it is content and is able to live its short life to maximum and so we should keep in mind its various symbolic meanings in our own lives.

Dragonfly shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to understand some mysteries.
  • You need to understand your dreams.
  • You need to be skillful.
  • You need refinement.
  • You feel relentless.

Call on Dragonfly as a spirit guide when

  • You need to see the truth in any situation or person.
  • You need to have illusion.
  • You need to act maturely.
  • You need to be swift and very active.
  • You need to have illusion in causing others to see what you wish.

By Florance Saul
Mar 24, 2013