Dragon Chinese

dragon chinese

The final sign of cosmic Chi (energy) is the ancient Chinese dragon.

In China, it’s familiar for good fortune as most powerful sign by the pantheon icon. The dragon focuses new beginnings in world’s four guiding creatures. The dragon consist the power of release water to the dry land which in turn stands for abundance and relief. The dragon is a familiar sings in Asian continent. It has good quality like continuing success, achievement and prosperity.

The legend of the nine dragons

Kowloon means “nine dragons” which is situated at Mainland in Hong Kong. The name of Mainland came from a Prince name that he fled China after the theater, Legend said that. At first he gave this name as eight hills which predominantly located no the Mainland. Then his servants named it “Gau-lung” or 9 dragons because they thought the emperor should be counted among regal figure.

Characteristics of the nine dragons

  • P'u-Laos: He is a terrible warning person and serves as a sponsor. Maximum times etched on the bell and holy singing bowls and Gong.
  • Ch'iu-loving: He is the great writer of ancient dragon music.
  • His PI: He is master of education and moral luck. He provides knowledge to everyone.
  • Pa-hsia: He helps with strength and support when it needs.
  • Chao-feng: He himself looks after the holy places, sacred land and holy shrines.
  • Chih text: He himself represents the power of water on the fire.
  • Suan-ni: He represents himself from stealing, damage or betrayal of any case by hung and protection methods.
  • Yai-tzu: To manage physical damage, He serves always.
  • Pi-Kau: He represents himself by protecting litigation, verbal disputes or false cases.

Details are available on the Totem dragon information. You may know any information about Chinese dragon by clicking here in my blog entries.

Classical Chinese dragon

The dragon helps every time as a sign of self-assurance and bravery. Chinese dragon has the power to make the heart beat solid with fire in the ring and make you solid in both figure and spirit.

Dragon and tiger

Original Yin and Yang of being reflects the main two forces of the universe. The sign of tiger means dignity and courage in China. It is the mixture of rich, lucky and China’s Yang energy dragons that can’t be lose. In here more information is given about China Tigers.

Dragon Riding Clouds

The sign of cloud cell means God because many of Gods and immortals use cloud to travel. Getting rain and growing rich crops, the cloud also considered as luck. It makes positive effects in life when cloud associated with luck of Chinese dragon.

Dragon Encircling Pearl

Pearl represents with Chinese dragons maximum time. It symbolizes the moon sometimes. Legend said the one of dragon besotted with the moon and tried to steal it from sky. From the Pearl story, knows that an egg is situated beneath of the dragon neck or chin. Eggs will be carried away until ready to hatch- dragon said that. Ultimately the story of pearl represents the dragon’s wisdom as “pearls of wisdom.”

The perfect balance called to both Dragon and Phoenix for their sign Yin and Yang. Every sign is very powerful. Both show the power of triumph, prosperity, friendship, affection and enlightenment. Wedding ceremony show a game sacred with money and incredible luck are two symbolizing creatures of Dragon and Phoenix together. Moreover, it symbolizes the start of a dynastic family. Dragon represents the sign patriarch family and Phoenix represents the matriarch family.

Dragon Chinese shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to understand your dreams.
  • You need to understand that our physical limitations do not prevent us from growing.
  • You need to understand mysteries of life.
  • You need transformation.
  • You need the power of light.

Call on dragon Chinese as a spirit guide when

  • You feel relentless.
  • You are unable to see the truth in a person or situation.
  • You need to change your life.
  • You need strength.
  • You need wisdom.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013