Donkey, fulfilling the role of a “burden of beast” by taking the responsibility and burden of others, being the symbolic representation of versatility, hard working, determination, will power, obstinacy, dedication towards work and devotion.

Donkeys have always been seen to be eager and keen for taking charge of others with strong willpower.

Donkeys have a well known reputation of being a stubborn creature. But instead of being foolish, this has been the result of a much higher intellect of self conservation and self preservation. They often appear to be quite intelligent, playful, eager to learn, welcoming and extremely cautious.

Whenever it sees the signs of danger, it automatically becomes cautious and is never seen to go near the danger. Its not because of this instinct that the donkey is regarded as being stubborn, but it the ability of it on believing its intuitions, instincts and senses and trusting itself entirely in any situation. In this way, it proves to be an epitome of self confidence, being the listener of its instincts respecting its perception completely.

They have been used as a working animal for thousands of years. It has been an untiring worker, being the personification of determination and strength, generously providing services to others.

Earlier, donkeys were misunderstood by an enormous population, however later it was regarded as a status symbol and was seen as a sign of richness and wealth due to its versatility, adaptability and resourcefulness. It is believed to be kind hearted and having mild nature. They usually live longer and is considered to be a desirable animal as it is easier to maintain and has the ability of great patience, endurance and persistence.

Donkeys have been well regarded in ancient history and mythology and have a long and rich history. It was represented as being associated with sexuality, greater instincts, ignorance and sensuality. Greek mythology associated donkeys with the deity Dionysus. Christianity has also been revering donkeys since ancient times as it has been regarded quite much in bible.

If donkey is your power animal, it encourages you to help out others, lending a hand to everyone and being available to one in times of need as the donkeys are greatly devoted to this world. It spreads the message of providing more than what it carries in itself, always looking out for giving more than it takes.

It gives a lesson for life of being accountable as well as answerable for your own self and for your kind by learning the art of saying no.

Donkeys have the ability of finding danger in a situation and foreseeing difficulties. When a donkey gets the fishy feeling about something, it necessarily becomes cautious and starts to search for the danger without moving an inch further. Because of this cunning and sharp attitude, donkey has been able to survive in complicated situations and circumstances as well.

If a donkey trudges in your life, it might be the time to hold on in that situation and try to be able to identify the challenging and tough element in that circumstance. It basically signals one that it is high time to be awakened, adapting the necessary changes and start utilizing his resources.

Donkey shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to ignore other people’s opinions.
  • You need to act stubbornly.
  • You need to avoid being misused or overworked by others.
  • You need to make your own decisions.
  • You know what is right for you.

Call on Donkey as a spirit guide when

  • You need to express stubbornness.
  • You are able to make right decisions.
  • You refuse to move when you know it isn’t right.
  • You need to say no to others.
  • You need to stand your ground.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013