Have you ever heard your dog bark in different ways?

I have heard mine with tonal variations as she barks in different scenarios. There are several different ways a dog can communication. They express themselves through body language and tonal variation among other non-verbal cues.

Communication is a way of conveying information from the source to the recipient and vice-versa. Dogs convey information through barking, wagging of tail, ignoring you, over sleeping, baying and licking are among the few things they can do.

To elaborate on this is my true story on how my reaction to the barking of a dog has changed drastically. I developed phobia for dogs. I used to dread the sound of a barking dog. I could become very nervous and tremble at that mere sound. One day, the unexpected happened.

My reactions towards dogs changed when I came across one Iroquois. She saw the phobia I had for such animals as dogs when I passed near their compound. She became interested in helping me overcome my weakness. She was very loving and kind enough to help me overcome the fear.

She then started teaching me how dogs communicate and the meanings of different sounds they produce when they bark. She made me realize dogs effectively express themselves when they bark.

Have you ever used gestures, facial expression and other non-verbal cues to express yourself rather than speech? Orators said actions speak louder than the words. Dogs communicate through actions and sound they produce.

They also express their affection by wagging their tails, licking people’s skin or body and making some crackling noise. That is their way of communication. They are more affectionate and protective than humans.

There are other important attributes of a dog that are quite symbolic. Dogs are brave and therefore they also symbolize boldness. Only the courageous can protect the timid. They are known to protect and own a home, yard, barn and any living environment in which they live. They are courageous hunters that have helped humans hunt for over hundreds of years.

They also symbolize support. They are known for their effective assistance and guidance especially to Indians and Americans. Dogs can be sent to supermarkets to buy items and even to other places to deliver information.

They are many breeds that are trained and used by the police to guide them in finding culprits and detecting drugs. They are very supportive. Dogs are used for many things in life. They can be house pets, seeing eye dogs, cattle dogs, medical dogs, guard dogs, hunters, search and rescue, and police and fire dogs.

Dog symbolizes loyalty. They are very faithful to their owners and the home where they are nurtured. When a stranger comes, the dog can pick and choose who it likes and does not like. However the owner has a strong say in whether a dog will approve of you being in the home.

This is loyalty beyond measure. They as well symbolize friendship. People have dogs as their pets. They are a great companionship for humans. They also symbolize intelligence. They can be trained to do a vast number of things from ticks to work. They learn very fast and have clear understanding of people and their surroundings.

There are several characters of a dog that are very symbolic but the common one in the entire world and in different races are communication. Exploration gives the best insight.

Dog shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are feeling that loyalty and trust is lost.
  • You are feeling alone and in need of a friend.
  • You are having a hard time communicating.
  • You are looking for an Adventure.

Call on a Dog as a spirit guide when

  • You need trust someone or something full heartedly
  • You need to communicate with yourself or someone else without words
  • You are feeling alone and need something or someone to be with you.
  • Friendships are in turmoil and you want help mending them

By Florance Saul
Jan 30, 2013