In animal symbolism, dingo - an Australian’s native dog symbolizes adaptability and change.

They are commonly known as wild dogs inhabiting Australia.

This Australian wild dog is usually associated with doing things in a group. Dingo as your animal totem takes you to a challenge of knowing your status among your friends and relatives. Instances wherein you are unaware of how you handle your relationship with others may happen.

This kind of communication gaps could certainly affect respect and treatment with each other. As a human being, take the opportunity that you are interactive and possesses the ability to connect with others for they are those present in your surrounding and makes up who you are.

It is through the Dingo that you are able to know who you are among others and who are these people for you. If the review seems to have a negative reading, meaning you take the challenge of acknowledging your weakness. However, it also means move on and find out how you are going to improve yourself in line with relationships.

Dingo as a wild dog, experience a lot while moving about an environment where they did not naturally came from. So, imagine the struggle faced by them just to find a space or belong in their present community.

Are you having the same struggle? The personification of dingo for adaptability should guide you to know more about your outside world and learn how to live with it. Do not dwell on how you will fit into the community but concentrate on making others see the real you who can fit with their environment.

Make other people know your importance. Let them know the essence of your existence. Do all these efforts with patience and generosity.

Group dynamic springs from a cohesive family as its basic support. If you are encountering indifference's with your family members, dingo energy drives you to understand that families are not perfect where conflict may also arise.

However, learn from the dingo that sticking with your families will not give you harm. The struggle in maintaining cohesiveness of a family despite of finding yourselves dwelling in a place where you do not normally belong – the struggle faced by the family of Dingo in Australia as they were not native in this land.

It could have been difficult but they have also flourished. Hopefully, this brings you to a perception that it is your family with whom you can depend upon especially in times that you feel so alone.

It may be unusual to deal with your own mortality or death of those close to you. However, dingo totem makes you understand to accept extinction as a natural way of life.

That it gives you the idea of never take things or persons or moment for granted, for it will come to its end. Learn to value circumstances around you as long as you can.

The DINGO shows up as a spirit guide when

  • Giving value to risks encountered.
  • Positive attitude adapted in life.
  • Adapts proactive process in living.
  • Connection to other people is possible.
  • Learned to look at the positive side of unexpected and painful challenges.

Call on DINGO as a spirit guide when

  • Resistance to allow changes in life is felt.
  • Depressed for being taken for granted by others.
  • Feeling ignored and no sense of belongingness.
  • Afraid to take any risks.
  • Fearful of death.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013