Throughout the world, culture to culture and country to country there is nothing more unavoidable then the impact which love, or the lack of love, has on our lives.

This is no different in the magical community. When we are in love we never want it to go away, and when we are out of love we always want it to come back into our lives.

Within Love Magic (the magic of bringing love to ones’ life), most practitioners who focus on more healthy, or even realistic magic, tend to do spells upon themselves which will encourage the presence of love in their lives by helping themselves become better people. However with black magic, the energies are less allowing and more controlling. One would participate in black magic around the concept of love when one has been thwarted, hurt, cheated on as well as when one is alone, depressed and particularly angry.

Love cursing

Love cursing is the attempt to bind with the passions of another or even to capture them as a sex object. It can be done in a wide variety of different ways such as writing out a spell on parchment and then burning it as an offering to the Gods. Dolls or poppets have been used throughout the ages because when one uses a doll, they can create it to be in the very similar likeness of the person they wish to attract/curse. Often human hair is used for this purpose, preferably of the person the curse is directed at which often provides potency to one’s work. Love potions are also extremely common, but these require the knowledge of magical herbs and powders in order to get them just right.

Herbs are very well known and used in matters of the heart. If one wanted to stop infidelity, one might place John the Conqueror Root under the pillow of the person doing the cheating before you go to bed with them which will immediately make your lover stay true to you. All others involved would soon be forgotten.

 Whatever the technique, cursing for love is an intentional act which, when fueled by love’s passions creates an intensely cosmic magic to be born.

Hellenistic Love Magic

Hellenistic love magic is based on the magic traditions of Hellenistic Greece, founded during the time of Helen. This practice included influences from the Egyptian and Hebrew pantheons with an emphasis on the erotic energies that flow between lovers and between human beings in general. ‘Philia’ magic, which was often used by women to keep their male companion at bay as well as faithful, ran rampant at this time period. And it was not only used for the individual’s husband. The part of Philia that was similar to cursing is that this curse would affect a person regardless of their marriage status, if the person that fit thei8r hearts’ desire happened to already be married, it wouldn’t matter. The curse would be upon them and they would never be able to think of anyone else. These potions and rituals were known to be very therapeutic regardless of their intensity for Greek women and were often seen as just ‘medicine’ for what ailed them in that age. Philia spells also focused on keeping the women young and beautiful so that they could continue to be attractive to their spouse or members of the opposite sex.

Sex Cursing

Sex plays a major role in the game of love. Depending on how one is, during the love making act, one could be seen as infertile or inept or incapable of producing joy or life which hits most people on very personal levels. Sex magic is usually used to assist in the reconnection of sexual compatibility but it has also been used to control the other person or steal their energy. When sexual spells are played out right, the individuals could use this energy that they have both created to do some great work. Within sexual cursing, the goal is to primarily get the person that they desire to have sex with them for the purpose of having the ultimate control. Obviously this is acting against the free will of the person being cursed.

Men in Ancient Greece practiced what is known as Eros spells which were for the purpose of instilling lust and passion into women regardless of their level of attraction to the person casting the spell, which would lead them to provide fulfillment to the man in the form of sexual desires.  The concept of free will is non-existent in this form of love cursing.

By Florance Saul
Nov 7, 2012