Cuckoos are of the same family with the road runner.

This creature is renowned for its sound that brings forth change in life. If you study animals to know their symbolism, what does cuckoo means if it visits your thoughts for real or in dreams?

Its call or sound means having a new fate that symbolizes the unfolding of an event in your life. This may serve as a signal protecting you from being caught off-guard but instead paves way for you to prepare for the coming of something significant in life.

Be prepared if it shows negative fate but the advantage of foreseeing things is that you can do something to change its adverse eventualities. Even the sound of the cuckoo is being heralded by ancient people. It is by listening that enable you to know what is yet to come.

Provides the message to develop the skill to listen carefully, not only listening with your ears but your heart. There are things heard that are not true. Put your trust only to worthy persons and situations to avoid regret.

Encounter with cuckoo may have something to do with communications. The black-billed cuckoo is known for its strength that you have to be careful with what you convey to others. Be sensitive enough to feelings of others.

Be cautious to what you say for you may be inadvertently putting other people into unlikely situations. Yellow-billed cuckoo on the other hand means, be prepared for the upcoming situations that may require expressions of knowledge.

Cuckoos also reflect change your home or family. This is manifested with the cuckoos’ skewed habit and ability to make their own nests when laying their eggs but instead finds a nest with eggs matching their own.

Unlike other birds, cuckoos can touch the caterpillar disregarding the fuzzy physical covering of this insect. It is in this manner that this bird also allows those having them as a totem to possess the ability to read more than what others can decipher.

They are able to adapt with their environment, get through the personality of other persons. This creature also reflects removing negativities in your life by heralding new event or new fate in life.

This bird is considered to be slow in motion. Their actions are seen to be slow yet graceful making it known that it is possible for people to know the meaning of acting with accuracy and certainty. Enjoy every step and moment in your life as changes or new fate unfolds.

Many believed that you can make a wish when hearing the sound of a cuckoo. It brings fortune and fulfilling conditions in human’s life. A belief practiced from long ago and by ancient people.

However, watch out because if you hear the sound coming from the left, it is believed to be ill fate. Better to hear cuckoo sound from the right for it is believed that good luck is approaching your way. In Swedish community, the song of a cuckoo heard from the south means death while north means sorrow. East brings consolation while east is acceptable good luck.

The CUCKOO shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You learn to interpret the song of a cuckoo.
  • Felt dynamic and full energy to face a new fate.
  • Understands the fate coming your way and learn ways to unfold it.
  • Felt gift of intuition.
  • Allows you to go with the flow of life with rhythm and grace.

Call on CUCKOO as a spirit guide when

  • Needs to interpret the fate that is coming your way.
  • Alertness in mind but graceful execution is deemed necessary to achieve your dream.
  • Encounters problem in personal advancement or growth
  • Inability to surface inner strength.
  • High adaptability to current situation is required.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013