The Crystal Skull

The Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones captured the minds of the masses when it included the crystal skull image within the movie.

Many people were first introduced to the item through the movie and since then there has been much hullabaloo for Halloween parties and creepy toys based off of the same kind of item.

In truth, the crystal skull, while seemingly hoakie now, is a real icon for many religious and mystics around the world.

There are those who believe that the origin of the crystal skull is pre Columbian and others still who believe they were created in 19th century Europe. Whatever the origin, the power of the crystal skull is distinctive. 

Crystal skulls are made normally from clear or milky quarters and are claimed to have mystical powers that some say are associated with the paranormal or even alien life forms. It has been said that aliens of ancient times transcribed messages to one another in the skulls to be received in later sections of history, which is why those who follow this phenomena recognize that the skulls tend to show up at big historical events.

Some during the reign of Hitler at Nazi Germany, the Pyramids at Giza and even some found in the Tower of London. These myths and legends peak the interests of mysticists worldwide, and there is a widespread belief that the skulls themselves produce different kinds of miracles.

Anna Mitchell-Hedges said that she discovered a skull which would enable the faithful to have visions or even kill a person. Others claim the skulls can cure cancer. Ms Hedges also suggested that she even had a premonition of John F. Kennedy’s untimely death. Crystal skulls are also connected with the Mayan calendar final cycle on December 21, 2012 saying that there are thirteen skulls which must be reunited thus foretelling the end of the human experience entirely.

In more recent times, there are several well-known skulls which have caught the eye of mystics around the globe.

First there is the skull that belongs to Ms. Mitchell-Hedges. Her skull was discovered in 1924 and has been examined by the Smithsonian as being almost an exact twin of the also famous, British Museum skull, down to the diameter, which led researchers to believe that the skulls were cut from the same stone at the same time.

But the British skull was discovered in the early 1800’s, causing a lot of speculation about the similarity of the markings. The reason this is so mysterious is that is believed that if the stones were cut from the same stone and marked with the same tool, at the time of their discovery or even at their creation, there were no tools known to man that could have cut them both so exact.

Both skulls were so finely shaped and polished that it has been said that they were cut with diamonds and then polished with sand for a period of 150 to 300 years, which is quite a feat. But the magical connection between the stones is what tends to catch the attention of the masses.

It is said that crystal skulls which spend time in the same space as one another, share stories and literal memories which can then be retrieved by the adept scryer.  (Scrying being a term used to describe someone who can see visions on a blank surface; usually a dark mirror, a crystal, a dark bowl of liquid.  )

The Paris skull is one of the largest of the skulls sold by Eugene Boban (antique dealer of the famous British Skull) also has raised mysterious questions over the years, and it is pretty much constantly being examined by experts to test its origins in relation to the other skulls which have been found.

Now, crystal skulls are being manufactured constantly and are considered items of good luck, they can be made out of resin, out of crystal or glass, but it is said that the ones which really bring good luck are the ones which are made out of a crystal which has natural groves or lines inside.

It is said that these lines tell stories of the stone and its original origins. Many followers of the skull phenomenon will lay their purchased skulls next to an older skull to help the ‘younger’ stones gain the energy and spirit so to speak of the older skull. It is said that these skulls have personality and age old wisdom to tell.

If a skull is made of rose quarts, it is said to tell tales of love and also is said to heal illness and bring health to the owner and to those the skull is placed near for any long period of time. If the skull is made of Amethyst it is said to bring prophetic dreams.

Tiger’s eye is said to solve mysteries. Carnelian is said to help women with issues of the heart as well as issues of the hormones.  A skull made of Jade is said to tell tales of luck and of success, and will bring wealth to the owner. Similarly, if one places a plain crystal skull next to a colored skull, an amethyst, jade or rose, the clear skull will become charged and imbued by the energies and properties of the colored skull.

The movie Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls helped to really boost the ratings of these mythological and mystical phenomena by accentuating the possibilities that the stones actually came from alien life centuries ago.

The fans of the concept of Crystal Skull came out in droves to see what they made of it. In loving the legend of the Crystal Skull, a person is really a lover of anthropology and of archeology. There is a little pirate in all of us and we all want to discover something that was ancient, that has a story to tell and some mystery and intrigue.

It is why so many of us read tales of the curse of King Tut or of haunted houses or objects. We just love to know that there is possibly something else out there that is more mysterious then we can ever know.

By Florance Saul
Nov 7, 2012