Crystal Balls

Crystal Ball

Crystal ball gazing is a divination method used by psychic readers to see spiritual visions.

This practice is also known as scrying. The method is normally used for prophecy. Many items can be used such as a crystal ball, a crystal point, a mirror, a pool of water, a pool of ink, wafting smoke or even dancing flames.

By focusing on the object, the reader is given visionary insights into the future or distant scenes of the past.The crystal balls are made from precious or semi-precious clear or smoky stones such as quartz, beryl, amethyst, while calcite, Selenite, jade, jasper, etc.

The crystal used may be clear, colored or have fractures, inclusions or patterns. Sometimes clear glass balls are used for crystal ball gazing. It is said that different type of crystal has different properties and utilities for the purpose of gazing, such as:

  • Quartz or calcite is used for sending blessings or for viewing distant events.
  • Black obsidian crystal is used to sense if some curse is made for someone.
  • Beryl is used again for distant viewing.

Thus, depending on the situation and the current problem, the suitable crystal ball is used to see the future. The crystal balls also come in various sizes, starting from Palm Stone, which is only few inches large, to up to a 10-inch diameter.

They are also sometimes mounted on ornate attractive stands. The first thing to carry out when scrying is to clean the ball with the help of smoke and water to make it ready to work. Some gazers put the ball on a rotating stand and start to gently spin it before they start to gaze at it. 

Once the ball is ready to use, the reader waits for shifting movie clips. As they see it, they describe it to the client. When the fortune-telling through the crystal ball is complete, the gazer either covers the ball with a cloth or simply puts it away from sight. Some also do rituals like passing a hand over the ball so as to deactivate it and put it to rest.

By Florance Saul
Dec 3, 2012