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Crows Spiritual Meaning

Unlock the amazing secrets of this spiritual symbol



Crows are the birds that leave black shadows behind, having the color of night assuming to give birth to new light and brightness every day.

Crows have been highly pointed out in ancient mythology and lore as a bird with an eager and fervent sight and is appeared to be a solar symbol. Celts used to revere crow as being sacred. They represented the bird as a symbol of purity.

They thought that crows escort sun each morning during its nocturnal pathway. Greeks considered crow as a blabby creature having pessimistic traits of egoism and breaking the rules time and again. It is believed that the crow was prohibited from drinking water by a deity because of whom it is condemned to thirst.

Having a crow as a power animal is somewhat incredibly powerful and fascinating. A crow has the abilities to accede to a person to see his existence in multi dimensions and proportions. It enables a person to envision the different elements in his life and experience the multiple aspects of his existence.

It endorses one to believe in his instincts and integrity and be pleased and grateful about all the phases of life. It supports the idea of one speaking his own truth and following his instincts rather than just following the crowd for making the decisions of life.

They have incredible powers of adaptation. Because of its great instincts of adaptation, it is seen to be living in almost every corner of the world surviving in any environment. They are believed to be ubiquitous, being able to live in any situation and circumstance.

Crows are regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on planet. It is often said that crows have great qualities of remembrance and memorization, being able to recognize one individual human being from other by facial features.

Crows are very cautious and learn very quickly about their safety and protection. When one crow gets the feeling of suspicion and danger, it gives various kinds of calls to its brethren as a warning and caution. It has the ability to foresee danger and predict potential threat, therefore it is always very watchful and alert when feeding.

Crow, being the messenger of vision and magic around every person, is itself associated with the magical world being able to observe the supernatural and unforeseen forces.

Humans have always been involved in unwanted disputes and conflicts with each other due to the different cultures, religions and believe. These conflicts have proved to be never-ending, creating negativities all around the globe.

For creating an environment of serenity, peace and tranquil throughout the world, we all need to be familiar with the significance of love, care and harmony and being able to surpass the cultural and religious limitations imposed unreasonably. Everyone should know that hurting his own kind would eventually result in hurting himself. Crow is the bird that represents this ability of transcendence.

Crows appears to be extremely creative, being an omen of change. It brings the light and the dark together, representing itself as having enormous spirits and strength. If a crow comes into your life, you need to bring the changes, look forward and act consequently!

Crow shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to understand the male warrior energy.
  • You need to understand death.
  • You need to know about the wars in your life.
  • You need to consult with the council.
  • You need to be resourceful.

Call on Crow as a spirit guide when

  • You need to get tricky.
  • You need to be bold.
  • You need to be single-minded.
  • You need to bring knowledge to others.
  • You need to be swift and eloquent.