Crow Symbolism

Crow Symbolism And Crow Meaning

Do you keep seeing crows? Do you wonder what they mean? Generally, the crow is often seen as being procreative omen and can symbolize a totality of the life force and the cycles of life. Crows stand for strong power and intelligence. 

The crow is a spiritual carrier from our world to spirit. The crow is a powerful bird. In ancient American Indian culture, it was common to believe that the crow has the “eye of the raven.” This is considered to be the door of the inner spiritual world. This means the Crow is the messenger between the invisible world and our material plane. Crows can see the past, present, and future and if a crow suddenly dies the other crows flock around to investigate the death, so they don’t fall victim to the same fate. 

My Crow Story

One day I was having a cup of orange outside in my yard, I popped inside, and when I returned I noticed the cup spilled over. There was no real explanation of why. Then the next day I went inside my house and again my cup of orange was spilled over. I could not work out what was going on. 

This happened for the next five consecutive days. On the sixth day, I decided to keep watch and to my amazement, I could see a crow coming down and spilling my drink. It was amazing. Then, the crow just perched on the seat and looked at me through the glass of my conservatory. The crow could not actually drink my orange juice. I figured that he was thirsty so I got a small bowl and filled it with water.

Sure enough the next day the Crow came again. He saw the bowl of water and drunk out of the container to his heart's content. It was amazing. He then perched right by me for about five minutes before flying away. This carries on to this very day. I made a friend in that crow! 

What amazes me is the communication that I have with this crow. If I am not there I leave the water for him and I do see him use it. The crow has such gratitude and this made me think about the crow and the symbols within, which made me research this article.

There are 45 species of crow all together - including corbies, rooks, nutcrackers, bushes, magpies, ravens, jackdaws, and the pica pica. They are the smartest bird in the world and have the cognitive skills of a seven-year-old child! The technical word for a crow is “corvus”  which includes the meat-eating “ravens” and omnivorous crows, rooks and jackdaws. As life goes on, from an evolution sense crows will become more popular and be part of many important interactions. They live for about 7-14 years and are super advanced, additionally, they have tons of wisdom. When a crow dies suspiciously, the other crows actually use measures to “investigate” the death so they do not have the same thing happen to them. This demonstrates how amazing and versatile and intelligent they really are. 

    Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing One Crow Alone

    Seeing one crow alone indicates wisdom. The crow has been connected to negative vibes in folklore and is associated with the following:

    • Transformation in one situation
    • New beginnings
    • Intelligence and wisdom

    Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Two Crows

    To see two crows suggests that you will encounter love and lust on a soul level. And, to see three crows indicate possible adultery or cheating according to old English folklore. To see two crows also mean:

    • Being fearless and adaptable in a friendship of two people
    • Flexibility in life is needed
    • Being tricked and manipulated by two people.

    Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Three Crows

    According to the Druids to see three crows can indicate a new change in life. There is a story called the three ravens folklore and this is a story where the crows attack another crow. This is connected to how they eat the flesh in the battlefields. So what does this mean? Three crows in a row can suggest that someone is going to contact you soon or attack you according to legend.

    According to Welsh folklore to see three crows flying in the sky indicates that you will have strong relationships going forward. The crow is, after all, a timeless bird. The specific number associated with seeing a crow is very important.

    Crow Bird

    What is the meaning of seeing a crow looking at you?

    Birds in my view, are messengers of God and in Greek mythology bird omens were popular. One of the Greek words for bird is “ononos” which is associated with omens that are not only from birds they are also prophetic and divinationary in nature. 

    The bird-diviner was known as a “oionopolos” and was employed as a prophet in Greece. Bird prophesy in these times were known as manta in Homer and various bird omens were found in the historical narratives. In the Fayoum, Egypt a papyrus book roll that was used for mummy cartonnage, a roll was found with the cases. This contained 112 epigrams and within this was bird divination. 

    The Greek literature includes divinatory signs but through the Egyptian book roll we can fully understand the omens of birds. Bird movements were also studied particularly those of the raven and crow and this was revived from the posture, voice, and activity of these two birds. Crows hold so much symbolism.

    After my experience with orange juice, I first noticed the power of crows when I visited San Fransisco and went on a boat trip to the notorious prison Alcatraz. At this point, I can remember seeing crows circling the structures.  I recall seeing the eerie atmosphere and thought that it was interesting that these nesting species would find peace in this seabird haven. I later saw more crows in a prison in England, circling above (around twenty years ago) so I decided to do a little investigation. What do crows mean? Do they mean death and pain? I’m going to answer this question now.

    What's the Difference Between a Raven and a Crow?

    They are similar to a raven but a raven is much larger than a crow. They are viewed identically and their symbolism does not differentiate between them so it means the same. There are of course some differences between the two birds but generally, in symbolism, they both mean the same thing. 

    What is the Spiritual Message of Seeing a Crow?

    Crows and ravens were symbols of the Great goddess but folklore have got a bad reputation, due to the fact they eat dead and decaying things. The generally though, are often very misunderstood. If you have seen a crow in your garden or the crow becomes friendly to you then they can symbol bad luck and the fact that you need to think about rebirth. In some folklore, the crow indicates mystery, magic, and sometimes death. But more importantly, the crow is pure magic and when you see one flying across your path it can mean that you will succeed in life. 

    What do Crows Symbolize?

    In Egyptian literature, the crow can also mean the un-differentiated, the link between females and males. Of course, if we look at the coat of the crow we can see the primordial darkness, the maternal darkness within which can represent the fertilizing earth. There is an ancient associate in Native North America that the crow represents the mother Angwshahai who appeared in the rejuvenation of crops in the spring. In history, the crow has been connected to negative spiritual meanings. Such as destiny, fear, pain, alchemy, death, and transformation. 

    The bird is symbolic of the soul and is commonly found in folklore all around the world. In Egyptian symbolism within their hieroglyphs, the soul flies away from the body after death. It can mean that you have managed to fly away from a problem or issue in life symbolically. Hence, why the bird flew away unharmed.  

    Crows are also connected to the manipulation of people. Often you can find them circling around certain buildings. There is a reminder that the crow and its magical powers are connected to the traditions of spirit animals. Crows themselves have large brains out of all the bid species which is why in old folklore they are associated with having wisdom. 

    Darkness of Crows And Meaning

    The color of birds is a factor in determining the symbolism. In alchemy, birds sand for forces in the process of activation. There is a precise sense of the location of the crow in soaring skywards it expressed sublimation and expresses precipitation and condensation. 

    In ancient Greek mythology, birds were used to predict events. Bird divination was known as “anathematika” and the individual birds or other omens. For divination, bird omens are normally signs and inform us of any possibilities in life. The mantic powers of the crows and raven were discussed in

    Crows Flying In Your Path Meaning

    To see a crow sat looking at you, or flying near you to the point where they get your attention can mean opportunities will be yours. I also read a story on youtube about a man who became friendly with a crow. Each morning it was waiting for him. This is no surprise due to the fact that crows have the mental age of a small child. 

    Perhaps you are questioning things at the moment if you saw a crow staring at you. If you are wondering what it means this is my breakdown:

    • It could be a sign that it’s a fantastic time for you to review where you are in life, often seeing crows or a group of crows is positive. Take note of the message.
    • If a crow that comes to you on more than one occasion the crow can be considered your spirit totem and power animal. If this is the case the crow is there in order to help you with your own self worth and confidence.

    Crows In Dreams

    Crows are very powerful and can often appear in our dreams. Thus, if you dream of a crow or raven then this can suggest there is going to be hidden issues in your subconscious mind. This will surface in the future it is also a sign that you can move forward.

    When a crow shows up repetitively then I would say it’s very important that you pay attention to this animal totem we are all destined to have these animal guys as I’ve already mentioned the crow is associated with the great mystery of life so if you keep seeing crows all around you need to start to pay attention to the spiritual message they are carrying. On a negative note, crows are usually associated with difficult dark times. However, it is very important you can translate the symbolism in a message into something positive. 

    If you do wonder what the crane means generally the crow is often seen as being procreative and can symbolize the totality of life in cycles. Seeing flying crows in a line in the sky generally stands for power and intelligence.


    Crows In Alchemy Meaning

    The color of birds is a factor in determining the symbolism. In alchemy, birds sand for forces in the process of activation. There is a precise sense of the location of the crow in soaring skywards it expressed sublimation and expresses precipitation and condensation. 

    I believe the birds are messengers of God and in Greek mythology, bird omens were super popular in fact it was so popular that they relied on birds in order to give them signs for the future. Especially in regards to movements that were studied particularly those of the raven. Magpies are also part of the crow family and they hold a huge array of symbolism they are similar to a Raven.

    What does it mean to see a Raven?

    Ravens were symbols of the great goddess in Greek mythology but they are considered dark and associated with death due to the fact that they eat decaying things, generally though I believe the Ravens are totally misunderstood. Things have to die in order to move forward. In Lyon (the city in France) the Raven played a founding role in the city whereby ravens are said to have fallen from heaven. The Raven is on the coin of Lyon and is normally recognized as good luck omen and also change because of its black color, the Raven is associated with the idea of new beginnings which is expressed as symbols of the material night darkness and also the fertilization of earth it is also connected with the atmosphere as symbolism for being creative powerful and denotes spiritual strength because of the way the Raven flies it is also considered a spiritual messenger.

    What Does it Mean to Keep Seeing Crows in the Garden?

    If you keep seeing crows in the garden then this can be a symbol that there is going to be a rebirth time of change.  The change should never be feared and the crow is generally, therefore, you to show that there are a new way and a new possibility in life.

    What Does Seeing a Dead Crow Mean?

    To see a dead crow is a horrible experience and can be very upsetting.  Usually, in folklore, a dead bird (whatever the species) denotes a change in death a new beginning but don’t panic because it is a spiritual journey.  

    The crow itself has so much significance in ancient red Indian culture it is supposed to be the creator of the “invisible world” in Christian literature crow represents solitude being alone in Indian literature however the crow can also mean the “undifferentiated” the link between females and males and love. In Christian literature, however, the crow can also mean the undifferentiated which is the link between females and males. 

    To look at the Crow we can see darkness and the maternal darkness within the can represent the fertilizing earth. There is also an ancient association that crow represents somebody’s life. The crow is connected to understanding any dangers that are ahead of us. Perhaps you are questioning things at the moment. It could be a sign that it’s a fantastic time for you to review where you are in life. 

    Often if we keep seeing crows or there is a crow that comes to you on more than one occasion the crow can be considered your spirit totem and power animal. The Crow is more than a negative symbolism lots of lightworkers often believe the crows are masters of the two worlds - this is the spiritual world and the material world. Crows are energetic and they can connect two people together. I don’t know whether you’ve watched the program Game of Thrones but it did feature a raven as a key character of the series, known as the three-eyed-raven. 

    This Raven was able to see the future it howled a certain level of cultural symbolism as ravens are primarily means of long-distance communication to the spirit world and I found this quite interesting when I watched the series - as the writers used the “vision of the future” symbolism within the program. The reason why I mention this is because ravens themselves are generally linked to seeing the future. They have dark wings and dark words! To see ravens can suggest a significant transformation change or transition that is needed in life. Perhaps you need to transform yourself to clear away the old and bringing new possibilities? 

    The Advice of these Birds

    I will say that any change should be welcomed as a positive new force in your life and the crow or raven is a symbolism that you will need to clear away the factors of difficulties in life. Interestingly, the Tower of London in England has been home to Ravens since the 1800s, in fact ravens are so prevalent in the Tower of London that since 1987 they have undertaken a breeding programme for the Ravens it’s interesting that the Tower of London has a huge amount of spiritual symbolism of change and tapping into the underworld. I thought it was very interesting when I went to visit the Tower of London I could see the ravens and crows circling the tower.  

    Transformation and Burning Desires

    The crow appearing before you and looking in your eye - indicates that we need to transform and think about our burning desires. So for example, the fact you desire various things in life as we all have needs and wants. The focus of the crow itself is a representation of our basic psychological needs. I do feel that transformation is an important part of our life. It is a driving force that helps us achieve our goals. 

    The feeling or emotion and energy is something we all need this moves us towards what we really want. Even though things may seem adverse we all need inner transformation. We must remain strong and powerful and keep super motivated. There are many stories about successful people who have had burning desires to accomplish great things after seeing a crow fly over their path or look at them intensely. 

    The crowd is a representation that something great could happen. In my experience, the crow is a symbolism of one’s burning desire to achieve a goal and say goodbye to the past. Building a strong and burning desire is important when you want to transform your life. The main reason for building and maintaining is to have a better life. 

    The crow tells us to be strong, and transform life into something great.

    There are many exercises that you can do in order to think about this transformation. For example, try to go over all the areas where you feel you need to transform your life.  Write these down and then identify the three strongest reasons that motivate you the most.  promise yourself you will transform your life and have a better one.  Is there something that is stopping you?  I can remember when I saw the crow I realized that my eating habits were stopping me from progressing, I wanted to be healthier and slimmer but I wasn’t going to do that without any effort.  In my case the transformation when I saw the crow perched on my chair outside trying to drink my orange juice was a wake-up call that I had to think about how to have a wonderful life - to become fitter.  The only way that I was going to do so and succeed was to improve myself and transform yourself.

    Crow Can Symbolize: Leadership

    Seeing a Crow animal totem could be motivating you to become a leader. What would motivate you to become a leader? I ask this question explicitly in a more formal sense because I am referring to your own motives. The crow could appear before you because you need to think about your power, position, and status. Are you happy with these things in your life? 

    Crows act in a variety of different ways, in my research, there are around four basic relationships between crows and people. Crows influence many different human cultures throughout the world.

    There are many interactions among people and crows on many different continents throughout the world The American crow is known as (Corvus brachyrhyncuphos) they hold a variety of different social strategies and physical attributes. There is a lot of examples of its intelligence. Crows and people often share similar traits and social strategies. When a crows fly we normally watch and follow their flight path. When they call up to the sky - they can be somewhat noisy. The one thing we do know about crows is that they are very passionate,  flexible, and clever. Crows themselves have for thousands of years held cultural power.  

    Conclusion Of Crow Symbols

    Crows, ravens, magpies indicate a completely new transformation and they all symbolize your own inner wisdom and your ability to adapt and learn from your mistakes.  I do hope you enjoyed this quiz and don’t forget to check out my website for more interesting take care.

    Here is some other interesting facts about crows:

    1. A group of ravens are called unkindness
    2. A group of rooks is called a building.
    3. A group of crows is called a murder. This name is due to the fact that crows kill other crows sometimes.
    4. Crows lack vitamin D and they often sunbathe in order to gain this vitamin. 

    By Flo Saul
    May 13, 2020