What is the animal symbolism for a cricket visiting your thought either for real or an image in your dream?

Crickets are commonly associated with success. Through time, their sounds or chirping sound has been a signal for the coming of successful event in your life. In early years, fellowmen in history revered with the sound of crickets. The farmers will only prepare their farmland for the spring harvest if they are able to hear the crickets. This sound of the crickets are also believed to detect the outside temperature in Fahrenheit degrees by counting the number of cricket chirp heard in fifteen seconds then add thirty seven.

Across culture, crickets have been perceived in many different ways. Crickets represent initiative and intelligence which eventually results to success. Among Chinese culture, crickets laying numerous eggs signify fertility or productivity just like having many children. Having this creature as your totem will not only mean foresight in having many children but to have a mind that is creative and full of ideas leading towards successful attainment of set goals in life.

People from all walks of life are fond of hearing the mystical sound of the cricket that they opt to put them in cage just for the reason of listening to its chirp.

Crickets are not only kept for the reason of amusement. Especially among Chinese and Japanese people, they are also believed to provide protection from any form of danger. There can be found crickets as their totems that they wore close to their bodies because of the belief that success is drawn by the charm of the cricket and also provides protection.

Among the Native Americans, they see success in the ability of the cricket to leap distantly. This ability signifies height of success that can be gained in believing the charm of a cricket. It is believed that the gift of cricket is an enormous joy, heightened intuition and sensitivity. Cricket also means awakening of your subconscious mind where undiscovered potentials and abilities are laid to rest. Having this as your totem will bring forth the sensible talents that will give you the drive to thrust a bit farther than what you are expecting to be capable of. When you see this animal, you have to listen carefully. It tries to tell you that your environment offers a promising success.

Re-evaluate your goals in life. Take a peek at the means you implore, maybe there is the need to adapt new ways for the immediate success of your attempts. Look around you; be sensitive enough to discover that you are needed by the world around you. How will your personal successes aide for the betterment of your surroundings. Get through your sensitivity, crickets tells us so. Get a grip of yourself, know yourself better after discovering the innate abilities. Know your target and get focused – keeping in mind the accountability to oneself and your surroundings. Let the power of cricket flow through your life with the joyful discovery of reinforced ways. Rejoice success. It is then you will say that luck did not come your way unexpectedly but with the cricket as animal totem, you invited good luck to live within.

The CRICKET shows up as a spirit guide when

  • Build-up of inner strength to surface from inner self your innate abilities.
  • Heightened intuition is felt.
  • Awakened your sensitivities.
  • Finds courage to make the greatest leap in your life.
  • Reinforced ideas on ways to achieve dreams .

Call on CRICKET as a spirit guide when

  • You resist change to come in your life.
  • Uncertain of your goals.
  • Refuses to look back and retrospect for fear of self-incrimination.
  • Fear of disappointment and being hurt.
  • A great challenge has to be welcomed in your life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013