The crane is a symbol of justice and longevity.

It exhibits the wonder of inner and outer beauty of the self and the world by means of dancing and creating music. Crane shows us how to form large group which provide opportunities for social settings and activities.

Forming large group may provide inspiration, creativity and mental support. Crane plays an important role in communication through an art of body language. Crane teaches us how to watch, how to express one fluently in speaking truth, how to listen others and to be aware about what others are doing.

It aids us to maintain personal understanding between others. These qualities will help us to examine our close relationships whether to great longer bond with them or break finally. A relationship will take 2 or 3 years to get fully matured.

In Asian mythology, crane is sometimes called as heavenly messenger who can travel to the heaven. In China, it is believed that the cranes flew with the god to the legendary home of the eight immortals known as “Isle of the Immortals”.

Cranes are regarded as a messenger of the god. In the magic potions crane’s eggs were used to bless its drinkers with gift of eternal life. In Egypt, ancient legends said that a crane with two heads when seen flying over the River Nile River, then it means that the prosperous times are about to start. In Christianity, cranes were considered to be Satan’s enemies, because they are the master at killing snakes.

In Japan the crane was regarded as the messenger of happiness and hence treated with great respect. In Japanese symbolism and art, the red and white colors are important since they are the colors of the crane. They are associated with prosperity and longevity and these colors are a common symbol in marriages in Japan.

Roman traditional tales says, that each spring Demeter will rejuvenate the earth each spring when Presphone, her daughter, in underworld is released, at that time the cranes were sacred to their mother goddess.

Cranes have long migration season, hence called as “symbol of endurance” and those cranes return after each spring were called as ‘symbol of Christ’s resurrection’. Their wings were used as talisman for weary travelers on their journey.

In ancient Chinese culture, mothers with crane totem could accomplish both family and work very well compared to other totem mother. A crane totem entering in once life signifies the recovery of lost part of life to them.

People with crane totem have a sense of secrecy and protectiveness. Crane reflects the importance of focusing on very important one rather than other one. Crane teaches us how to celebrate our creative resource.

By having proper focus in our life we can keep our creative resources alive forever. Long life, health, happiness, wisdom and good luck are associated with crane. In all endeavors justice feminine energies and longevity gives proper focus.

Crane shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have change in your life.
  • You need to understand astral traveling.
  • You need to have new knowledge.
  • You need wisdom.
  • You need a long life.

Call on Crane as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be elegant.
  • You need to use your voice uniquely.
  • You need to be independent.
  • You need to seek to help others in their paths.
  • You need to see all things associated with secrets.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013