Conjunctio is formed by dots in the order of double, single, single, double.

The formation appears as a large, evenly spaced X which is said to represent coming together or team work. This is true for not only pirate treasure maps, but for Conjuntio as well. The translation of the name itself is “joining” and you can expect the unexpected when this figure is present in a reading.

Geomancy Symbols

In tarot, this geomantic figure is related to the Knight of Pentacles, strong and steadfast. Much like the knight, Conjunctio is a figure on a mission, coming to bring a sense of peace to build a better tomorrow.

The symbol benefits from the energies of Mercury combined with the element of air. Some readers consider it the Renaissance figure, pertaining to a time of deep understanding, intelligence, alertness and reasoning. Think of it like finding the treasure on a pirate’s map with X literally marking the spot.

When you see this figure in a reading, it indicates that you are well positioned or in the right place at the right time.

When dealing with drama or confrontation in life, it is a reminder that a solution is both close at hand and likely to be beneficial. The tools that you need to do well at this time are within arms reach but you will have to do the work to reap the rewards.

Because Conjunctio often relates to people and interpersonal relationships, if this figure shows up in response to a relationship kind of question, it indicates that the two main players in the situation are going to get a chance to reconcile.

Most often seen after stormy periods in relationships, Conjunctio brings with it good tidings for the future. It has also been said to represent lost love found again or a rejuvenation of the heart.

Conjunctio is favored when it is an answer to queries about court proceedings and mediation. The exact outcome is not revealed by the presence of this figure, but it does indicate a positive resolution to legal matters.

Sometimes the end result is not exactly what you would ask for, or even expected, and yet, it seems to work out just as well. It can indicate compromise is needed.

In business or finance, on the other hand, the presence of this card indicates not only a positive outcome but is usually linked with an increase of finances, like a bonus, raise or promotion.

Ultimately, this is a positive figure but it does come with a subtle reminder. Conjunctio tells you to not panic, breathe and have faith in the support around you. Whatever crisis or drama that you are facing will not last forever.

Think of it as a shout out from the universe confirming that you are on the right path for you got. If things are exceptionally rough in your life right now, the good news is that not too long from now, you are going to look back on the situation that you are currently going through and wonder how it was ever as big of a deal as it was. This is because with clear reason and a little patience, everything is going to be just fine.

By Florance Saul
Feb 19, 2017