Using Coffee Grounds in Magical Workings

Coffee grounds have long been used in magic and they have number of uses. Perhaps the most common or widely known use for coffee grounds is for divination. Much like tea leaves, coffee grounds can be used to foresee the future for a person. However, coffee grounds can also be used for magical rites in spells for binding and that require a strong masculine pull for the work. For these reasons, it’s always good to have some ground coffee around to use in magical rites. 

Coffee Grounds For Divination

Before you begin any divination work, it’s imperative that you use the correct kind of coffee. Traditionally, for coffee work, the grounds would go through a press first and then be left at the bottom of the cup. You cannot get the kind of grounds that you need for divination work through simple ground up beans that go through a standard coffee maker. If you have plans to read coffee grounds on a regular basis then it is recommended that you get a French press or an ibik. 

Another option that you can use, for casual coffee ground readings, is the leftover remnants at the bottom of your cup after a cappuccino. These will work with the same process for reading that we are about to detail below.

How To Read Coffee Grounds 

Coffee ground divination is a personal event and can be left to interpretation. Much like free-association or tea reading, the understanding of the shapes left at the bottom of a mug are going to be up to personal understanding. Sometimes you will get clear answers to your questions through the shapes that you see but most often you will need to meditate on the shapes that you see. 

To read the coffee grounds you will want to drink the coffee to where there is very little on the bottom of the mug. When you are on your last drink, slowly tip the cup up to your lips, making sure that you don’t ingest any grounds. When you are left with only a small amount of liquid in the bottom of your cup – enough that when you spin it around the coffee sticks to the bottom of the mug, you are ready for your reading. 

Ask the question you want an answer to. Usually it is best to have it be an open question rather than a yes or no variant. Once you have your question in mind, lightly swirl the coffee around the bottom of the cup clockwise 3 times. View the shapes at the bottom of the mug and consider them in relation to your question that was asked. 

Jot down any associations that you have. Consider meditating on the cup after to get a clear answer to your question. Reading the leaves of tea, a similar process as coffee ground divination, often has certain shapes that mean specific things. For coffee, this is less important. The important aspect is understanding what the shapes mean to you. For example, if you asked, “What is going to happen with my love life?” When you look at the leaves you may see what appears to be a woman – this could be easy to interpret. However, if at first the grounds look simply like a jumbled mess, focus on the small areas of it and see what you see. Think of it like looking for shapes in clouds. A clear answer will come to you. Or perhaps your love life is simply a jumbled mess at this time! Repeat readings will usually bring additional clarity. 

Coffee Grounds and Spellwork

Coffee grounds are bitter in taste yet still pleasant to the senses. This characteristic of coffee grounds makes them excellent for both binding spells and purification spells. The use of coffee grounds in spell work is usually inconjunction with new moon. Use coffee grounds in spell work when you want to:

  • Break down the resistance of another. 
  • Bind another. 
  • Ward off jealous energy. 
  • Are preparing a magical garden. 
  • Need clarity – especially if you feel you are under attack from a psychic vampire or someone is blocking you intentionally from something. 

A simple paste can be made out of used coffee grounds. This is an excellent way to use them in spell work and to keep them on hand. Whenever you use coffee grounds, you want to be sure that you are using ones that have been previously used. Collecting them over time may be necessary for spell work as you need more than you would for simple divination.  To make a coffee ground paste simply collect the used grounds from previous divination or coffee drinking and store them in an air tight container with a drop of oil. This helps to keep it moist but without molding. Use the coffee grounds within one week. 

By Florance Saul
Mar 9, 2013