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Cockroach is one of the most dreadful creatures because of its nature to inhabit in dirty places or things.


Not many would want to have a cockroach as an animal totem. However, it must be known that a cockroach is a very strong totem. What does it mean to have a cockroach as your totem? If this creature visits you, what message does it bring to you? If cockroach is not your animal totem, this may mean a message of gratitude. There must be something coming in your life that is worth to be thankful of.



This creature can thrive at any place wherever their survival can be feasible. The cockroach teaches you to develop high sense of adaptability which is necessary to be possessed in order to develop heightened survival instinct.

If you are highly emotional and easily affected by your emotions, cockroach as your animal can shift all this to be determined and courageous to survive in any challenge that may come along your way. Cockroach will bring you to be sensitive with the needs of the people around you.

You will be taught on making you strong and quick. Your discipline and decision making ability is also being developed. Resourcefulness is also learned if cockroach is chosen as your animal totem.

Since this creature is usually linked to your ability to survival, you will be provided with the necessary skills that gives you the capability to cope with all issues even those that are probably the hardest that will be faced all through your life.

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Cockroach are quick in its reaction especially if the act means surviving against any form of danger, you will also be quick in responding to any harmful eventualities in your life. It means acting with preciseness aiming to protect yourself against any further harm that can be caused in your environment. Decision-making on ways of doing things are done at the snap of a finger.


This creature is often able to survive from any attempt to end their life. It makes them the symbol for long life, refreshment, rebirth and rejuvenation. With cockroach as your animal totem gives you new perspective of yourself in line with your emotion, state of your mind and spirituality.



Time comes when people get tired with all the responsibilities and mature roles that you have to deal with in everyday of your life. Worst, this responsibility has been passed on to your hand yet you know less. Cockroach totem says that this responsibility was given to the person at an early age. Cockroach is the gift for readiness and adaptability among others.


The cockroach shows up as a spirit guide when…


  • You learned to get through yourself.
  • Spiritual life becomes understood and handled well.
  • Determined and found fortitude to keep in touch with the world around.
  • Survival issues are independently resolved.
  • You are able to take on responsibility and adaptability.


Call on Cockroach as a spirit guide when…


  • Finding answers on matters concerning spirituality.
  • It is difficult to surface inner strength.
  • Needs to learn adaptability.
  • Maturity on handling responsibility is curtailed by experiences.
  • There is the need to survive in hostile environment.

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