I am going to explain the spiritual meaning of the cockroach. The cockroach is one of the most dreadful creatures because of its nature to inhabit in dirty places or things.

If you saw a cockroach scuttle around in real life or you dreamed of one then look no further as I will explain all. The cockroach is an amazing animal and when you start to understand that ever one of its aspects holds a meaning. Firstly, if we look at the shape of a cockroach it is oval. This is quite significant from a spiritual perspective because this indicates rebirth. I will say on the outset, the cockroach represents rebirth, resistance, long nativity and the fact that you will go that extra mile.

What is a spiritual significance of seeing a cockroach?

If you could see the cockroach cross your path in real life spiritually this can indicate that no matter what you've achieved you will always do well. My name is Flo and I'm going to help you understand the spiritual significance of seeing or killing a cockroach. Cockroaches can mean quite a few things when you see them from a spiritual predictive you will never look at the cockroach in the same way again. They are connected to the numerology number of four and in ancient times it was thought to be very lucky if a cockroach pasted you to the left. There are many different spiritual superstitions around the world I will explore these too. If you see a cockroach in your kitchen you should salute the creature to prevent bad luck. If you saw a cockroach in front of you or cross your path it indicates great wealth. If a scuttle behind you it can indicate a difficult time ahead but through this you will achieve. If you see a cockroach to your left or right it indicates a lucky situation in Scottish folklore. The first thing I'm going to point out is that cockroaches have a huge amount of resilience. If you could see the cockroach outside then it indicates that you can overcome anything, no matter how hard.

What do cockroaches signify in numerology?

Cockroaches in numerology terms is connected to the number three. This number is a sign of the being free-spirited. This the reason that the cockroach is a number three in ancient Chinese tradition. Equally, the cockroach has been given the dates of 25 January and the 31st. This obviously is calculated to the number three, and if we double this it gives us our answer of six, which is an inferior number. According to ancient Chinese mythology, a cockroach is connected to fighting wars, being able to control one's feelings and if seen in the house or property the requirement of rebirth. In this respect, the cockroach provides us with this free spirit that can give us the insight and also the ideas to grow and become a better person.

Why is the spiritual meaning of a cockroach resilience?

I read many books about the cockroach in order to understand a little more about this creature. One interesting thing I came across was that Scientists did quite an interesting study whereby they placed a cockroach in a microwave in order to see how much radiation the cockroach could maintain before dying. This was contained in the scientific overview which is known as “the cockroach papers” and this explained the whole scientific reason why cockroaches have survived for over 300 million years. From a spiritual perspective, the fact that the cockroach can live even through a nuclear war indicates that you are a true fighter ready to face your battles and challenges.

The second spiritual message is that a cockroach is that you may be keeping some information to yourself or hiding thoughts. Look at how cockroach operates its scuttles around the corners of the room hidden in darkness. This can suggest that there may be somebody that is not going to offer you what you want out of life this is why you have witnessed the cockroach. If you saw a cockroach in the corner of your home (in real life) this means perhaps you need to re-examine and clean out any problems or clutter that shadows your life. The spiritual meaning of the cockroach could indicate that you do in fact want to move forward but you are worried that your problems will remain – rather than hide away in corners just like the cockroach. A cockroach in biblical terms can be associated with the symbolism of tenacity. And, the roach can also mean you need the strength to keep promises.

What does it signify spiritually to kill a cockroach?

There's been much debate about killing cockroaches. Since there is a belief whereby if we squash a cockroach, therefore, causes the roach to lay eggs. Therefore, the cockroach will multiply numbers. The cockroaches themselves use a case which is known as a ootheca. This is in a case is attached to a number of different areas of the home. The eggs are not stored in the body of the mother cockroach. Interestingly, I've spent the last 40 years until I wrote this article thinking that if you killed a cockroach it would multiply the eggs. It would be really interesting to find out where that myth actually came from. When you squash a cockroach

What is the spiritual meaning of cockroach infestation?

Seeing multiple cockroaches in the home spiritually implies you will the strength and courage and above all the resilience for a new start in life. As I've already pointed out the overall shape of the cockroach is connected to a new start due to its egg shape. A cockroach nest or repetitive infestation can indicate it is positive.

What does it mean when a cockroach crawls on you?

If the cockroach was crawling all over your body can indicate it you will overcome anything even if things appear to be difficult. The cockroach crawling on you is a spiritual message that you need to toughen up. It can mean that you may be facing difficulties or issues in life and the fact that the cockroach can indicate you to clean up and get rid of people that are not supporting you.

What does the cockroach mean as an animal totem?

Not many would want to have a cockroach as an animal totem. However, it must be known that a cockroach is a very strong totem. What does it mean to have a cockroach as your totem? If this creature visits you, what message does it bring to you? If cockroach is not your animal totem, this may mean a message of gratitude. There must be something coming in your life that is worth to be thankful of. This creature can thrive at any place wherever their survival can be feasible. The cockroach teaches you to develop high sense of adaptability which is necessary to be possessed in order to develop heightened survival instinct.

If you are highly emotional and easily affected by your emotions, cockroach as your animal can shift all this to be determined and courageous to survive in any challenge that may come along your way. A cockroach will bring you to be sensitive to the needs of the people around you. You will be taught on making you strong and quick. Your discipline and decision-making ability is also being developed. Resourcefulness is also learned if the cockroach is chosen as your animal totem.

Since this creature is usually linked to your ability to survival, you will be provided with the necessary skills that gives you the capability to cope with all issues even those that are probably the hardest that will be faced all through your life. Cockroach are quick in its reaction especially if the act means surviving against any form of danger, you will also be quick in responding to any harmful eventualities in your life. It means acting with preciseness aiming to protect yourself against any further harm that can be caused in your environment. Decision-making on ways of doing things are done at the snap of a finger.

This creature is often able to survive from any attempt to end their life. It makes them the symbol for long life, refreshment, rebirth, and rejuvenation. With cockroach as your animal totem gives you new perspective of yourself in line with your emotion, state of your mind and spirituality.

Time comes when people get tired with all the responsibilities and mature roles that you have to deal with in every day of your life. Worst, this responsibility has been passed on to your hand yet you know less. Cockroach totem says that this responsibility was given to the person at an early age. The cockroach is the gift for readiness and adaptability among others.

The cockroach shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You learned to get through yourself.
  • Spiritual life becomes understood and handled well.
  • Determined and found fortitude to keep in touch with the world around.
  • Survival issues are independently resolved.
  • You are able to take on responsibility and adaptability.

Call on Cockroach as a spirit guide when

  • Finding answers on matters concerning spirituality.
  • It is difficult to surface inner strength.
  • Needs to learn adaptability.
  • Maturity on handling responsibility is curtailed by experiences.
  • There is the need to survive in hostile environment.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013