The cockatoos are among animals that are soon to be extinct.

It is such a shame. But wonderful if this was selected as your totem animal!

This bird when seen has the physical appearance but only larger than the parrots. They are characterized by black plumage with streak of white, red and yellow on their body. They locate their nests lined with eucalyptus leaves in tree hollows.

The destruction of trees in forests caused problem in the balance of the habitat for the cockatoos since they thrive in the trees. With that, population of cockatoos became hard to keep up.

Ancient people says that once the beautiful sound of the cockatoos are hear, it suggests that rain will come.

In animal symbolism, the black cockatoo is the most common. It personifies the power of spirit. The black cockatoo represents spirit and soul strengthening. This may also indicate for you to celebrate the spirits or gods you believe in.

Since the black cockatoo indicates spirit, this suggests for the presence of strong energy that represents enthusiasm, alertness and happiness. This energy drives you to fulfill your desires resulting to have the sense of fulfillment.

It is also believed that black cockatoos are believed to bring significant changes in your life. As believed in mythologies, black cockatoos’ cries indicate rain that is being needed by communities at that time. Making the representation that once visited by cockatoos, you may expect for something significant to happen.

There are changes that will come into your life that could probably bring you at the hype of your emotions. Black cockatoos are indicative of heralded great joy since these birds are considered to the largest black birds in Australia. As big and great as it is compared to other bird, this creature tells you something about changes in your life which is greatly affecting your emotions and your goals in life.

Since the cockatoos are suggestive of presence of spirits and associated with magical rains, it could be entertained in your thoughts that there can be experienced problem related to your spirituality. The coming of the cockatoo into your though means that you need to refresh yourself once again.

Your spiritual life needs to be revitalized and never leave it to experience drought but maintain richness in your religious side.

With its exuding energy, this suggests liberation from your emotional and spiritual concerns. This gives you the drive to express yourself emotionally – whether experiencing grief, anger, disappointment or happiness.

The spirit of the black cockatoo teaches you to show how you feel in order to attain your desires and feel contentment. Being expressive of your emotion should not be judged negatively but be considered as freed negativities. Travels are also read in the symbolism of black cockatoo either a short distance or long distance.

Moreover, the black cockatoo is also associated with creative ability expressed through painting, drawing, singing, writing and the likes. Adapt the gift of the cobra and feel yourself nourishing your creativity which is also an expression of oneself and nourishing your spirituality.

The cockatoo shows up as a spirit guide when

  • Felt spiritual freedom.
  • Overwhelming energy to liberate emotions.
  • Expressively care for others.
  • Inner self freed and surfaces.
  • Summons extraordinary creativity.

Call on Cockatoo as a spirit guide when

  • Having problem in finding happiness or joy.
  • Fear in taking responsibility with family and self.
  • Finding difficulty to express emotions.
  • Communication skills need to be developed.
  • Emotional and spiritual contentment is yet to be achieved.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013