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Clown Fish/Anemone Fish symbolism Spiritual Meaning

Unlock the amazing secrets of this spiritual symbol

Clown Fish/Anemone Fish symbolism

Clown Fish/Anemone Fish symbolism

Clown Fish as a wonderful totem to be given.The lesson from this animal totem involves understanding your higher self.

The clown fish is focused on how one learns and grows. It helps with our quest in life. One thing you must known is that this animal totem will guide you in life. Let's learn more about this fish. The clown fish is normal yellow, reddish, orange, or black in color and most of them have white bars or patches. They are up to ten to seventeen centimeters large.

They majorly live in the warm waters of Pacific and Indian Oceans as well as in the Great Barrier Reef and the red sea. They are omnivorous and feed on small invertebrates from the sea waters. They also feed on plankton, algae, molluscs, mysids, copepods, isopods, zooplankton and crustacean in the wild. They also eat undigested food from their host anemones. They are sequential hermaphrodites since they can be born as males, grow as males but mature as females.

Clown fish or Anemone fish are important spirit guides because their spiritual guidance is to build, wisdom, knowledge and teachings that can be helpful in overcoming challenges in the world. A Clown Fish/Anemone Fish’ wisdom includes the following: use of beauty as camouflage, ability to hide within dangerous situations, ability to move as ones enemies move, transmutation of poison and defense.

Clown fish or Anemone fish use a camouflage and this symbolically means using something good to hide the bad things that we may have - or simply our negative traits in life. Those who have been sent the clown fish or anemone fish as their animal totem tend to hide ones weaknesses, so they camouflage against negative reactions. They may look great from the outside but inside their actions and character maybe challenging.

Those who have clown fish or anemone fish as their totem animal also tend to hide within dangerous situations. They hide from danger within dangerous situations. No one in this world is danger proof. All of us are prone to encounter difficult situation's that we should avoid.

We are able to move as our enemies move. When there is an enemy, we should always move away to avoid being in danger. Those who have the clown fish or anemone fish power usually move from the enemy instead of facing the enemy. One usually try's to avoid confrontation as much as possible. They’d rather avoid their enemies instead of having direct confrontation.

Those who have anemone or clown as their animal totem usually defend their beauty . They can use various means to remain beautiful and in good health throughout their lives.

Clown Fish / Anemone Fish shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be able to hide within dangerous situations.
  • You need to be able to move as your enemies move.
  • You need to have your private life.
  • You need to use beauty for defense.
  • You need to balance well your life.

Call Clown Fish / Anemone Fish as a spirit guide when

  • You need to hide from your enemies.
  • You need to move as your enemies move.
  • You need to understand transmutation of poison.
  • You need to move to another level of your life.
  • You need to understand the perils of beauty.