Clam / Mussel

Clam / Mussel

The Clam/Mussel is in the family of bivalve molluscs.

They have shells that cover them, this is because they live in the mud. Some of them are edible for instance, the pacific razor clam. They are positive animal totems that provide wisdom. We need to learn several things from their way of life, their physical characteristics and their adaptation to understand how the Clam can help one in the spirit world.

Clam/Mussel’s wisdom includes the following: living within the earth, ability to siphon energy, symbiosis, balance, connection to mud/nature and going within.

Those who have a clam as their animal totem animal are not focused on money - they live within their means on earth. They try to live happily with everyone and their surroundings. There are several problems on earth that one has to encounter in life. In order to survive and still live well, we need to have peace in our surroundings. We need to live in harmony on earth. We need to love where we live for us to feel comfortable.

Those with the clam as their totem animal also have the ability to siphon energy. As we continue to work hard, we sometimes become drained. Our energy gets used up and we become tired. We therefore need to re-energize ourselves by relaxing to regain lost energy. We need to have rest, relax, meditate and even carry out exercise to get motivated again.

This animal totem also understands a balanced life. Those who have the power of the clam usually know how to balance their social life, career life, family life and are aware that they need time to rest. They know how to balance it well such that they are able to rest while others who cannot balance their lives are suffering. Life is all about planning and we need to plan everything - so as to balance one's live effectively.

Clams are connected to mud because most of them burrow underground, and stay there for the rest of their lives. This is a key message: we should be able to appreciate our surrounding no matter how unclean it might look. Although the mud is untidy, the clam finds refuge. They feel comfortable about living in the mud. In the same way, we should also love where we live.

They are also symbiotic meanings of this totem animal. Those who have clam as their totem animal tend to be introverts. They tend to be alone with themselves. They like their own company. They also like to meditate alone. This animal totem can teach inner strength and the fact that adapting to situations will increase success in life. The Clam can help one become a better person. It is quite likely that a person has already experienced some kind of adaptation in the past, and it is likely that a move of house may happen more than once in this persons life. A complete change of diet and a carefully planned health plan should be followed. The Clam in meditation will take time to explain that each of us is responsible for our own life. The Clam has the ability to deliver messages gently. Have good medical and alternative health sources and emphasis should be focused on finding good health. The Clam totem can also indicate a patient person but hasty critical as well. These traits are needed in order to become successful.

Clam/Mussel shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be able to siphon energy.
  • You need to balance well your life.
  • You need be able to connect to the mud.
  • You need wisdom.
  • You need to be able to go within.

Call on Clam/Mussel as a spirit guide when

  • You need energy.
  • You need to understand your life.
  • You need to connect to the earth.
  • You need to be wise.
  • You need to balance your life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013