Have you ever just turned around and thought “my goodness I already knew that” or that you can predict things before they happen. 

I am glad you are here on my website so welcome. I am going to discuss clairsentient as many of you have mailed me with various symptoms. I sit in a medium circle and we develop our senses every week. I am here to help you understand if the feelings that you are experiencing are in fact psychic.

Have you ever had anything like the traits below

  • I have a feeling this person is not genuine.
  • I believe that the café down that road to the left.
  • I can predict exam questions.
  • I know that a certain person will visit me shortly or call.

If you have had any of the above then these abilities are clairsentient. Maybe you know that your friend is going to call then they do? Maybe you know you will gain a new job or that you don’t wish to fly on a certain day!  I am focusing this article on clairsentient abilities only but there are other branches to psychic senses which I will cover briefly below. 

  • Clairsentience = ability to smell or feel the future.
  • Clairaudience = hearing voices and beyond the normal frequencies.
  • Clairvoyance = see mental pictures in another dimension. Predicting the future. 

I have for many years experienced being clairsentient and this gives me the ability to predict things that are about to happen. I also predict birth dates of my friend's children and additionally when things are not going to go well. I believe that we all process the skills of clairsentient and you can develop these skills. As I have already mentioned I attend a medium development circle and we carry out certain exercises in order to develop these skills.

If you have ever felt that someone is watching you then you could be experiencing clairsentient, or that suddenly you don’t want to travel but you don’t really know why. Listening to your internal “gut” feeling is how I can best describe clairsentient. I believe that you should trust your own clairsentient and embrace the sensation. In essence, it is being and feeling in tune with yourself and the energy that surrounds you.

Let me expand on this a little further by an example that happened to me when I was around 18 years old. I am in my forties now but this should give you some idea into this unique gift. When I was a child I would routinely predict things before they happen, as I have got older it still happens but slightly less. I can hear people talking about things sometimes - not in a weird way, but I know when things that are major are likely to happen.

Once, I saw someone I knew getting into a car and I had this image that they were going to get hurt but I did not trust my abilities enough to warn them. Later I did hear of a car crash involving this person they were fine by the way - and at the time I had no explanation as to why I felt this way. Do you often dream or see relatives that have passed on or smell them? Everyone is made of energy and it is possible "spirit wise" to tune into what I call the telephone waves of spirit which is Clairsentient. In life, we are taught how to think most of the time and we are programmed from a young age to look at the key facts before acting. We all go through this programming, but here I am speaking about freedom of thought. That you should think about how you can interact. I am going to first touch on the basics. So what is clairsentient?

Define clairsentient

This is a superphysical inner gift that is often used by mediums that comes from the French word which means “sensing clearly” in early 1900s this type of mediumship was used. This type of psychic ability is based on sensations, perceptions and inner knowing that something is going to happen. It can cover the smells, touch, inner emotions and the gut feeling. The definition of clairsentient, in my view is that you have a hidden intuition that something is going to happen and it does. It indicates that “psychic” messages are being sent to you in order to adjust your life.

Clairsentient is an ability that differs from clairvoyance and clairaudience, the ability to predict future events through feelings. This can be associated with many events in life that you predict.  Clairsentient can change our own perception of life and also the approach we carry out our daily lives.

There are some great jobs for those that process the clairsentient ability. Such as doctors, the police, or people who can heal others. Most mediums and psychic people are clairsentient. As time moves on in life one’s intuition is greater and the ability demands are also clearly defined. I like to think that if you are clairsentient you possess these qualities. I will say that you are somewhat different from other people. In a more lighter definition, I like to think that clairsentient means being psychic but in a more deep, scented way. 

Clairsentient and meeting new people

The great thing is that you can read people really well and your own body defines how you are feeling. You know when things are going to happen. When you meet a particular person, and the sensation that you “feel” when you first meet them is never wrong. Perhaps you judge this person before you meet them. It’s best to listen to the heart and your intuition when meeting new people.

If you are clairsentient then the way you feel when first meet people - is essential. There have been people I have met at first and not like them, and then I got to know them, liked them - but they always turned out to be the wrong type of people for me.  I essentially like to say that the clairsentient abilities that you have could include feeling cold or shivering when someone negative comes in your life.

In my tarot readings, it often involves being sensitive to other people’s feelings, but I would say that it denotes being more perceptive. The higher real spirits that you connect with others internally via the energy around ourselves. If you carry the same gift as me then you will understand other people’s feelings, the suffering that people have undertaken and also the possible causes of such suffering. I remember once I was in a nightclub next to a gentleman (a teenage boy) I suddenly had a vision him in the army shooting someone, he went into a house but underground the life a man was waiting for him with the gun.

I turned to the man to warn him that what was going to happen, he told me that he was soon to go to war and he was in the army. This gentleman followed me all night to uncover more information - but it was just a voice came to me I just had to communicate this with him. This is just one example of the things I have experienced. And, what I’m trying to say is that you sense something will happen and this means that you are clairsentient. The challenge is if you tell a certain person without them thinking your completely crazy!

What are the signs of being Clairsentient and the common traits? 

Here is a quiz/ test for you - by me of course. I have provided the lowdown on the key traits of being Clairsentient including those I have personally experienced. If you have any more than four of these happen to you on a regular basis then I believe that you are clairsentient.

  • Dreaming of things that happen in the next few weeks.
  • Feeling the energy from large groups of people, draining feeling and wanting to be alone.
  • Enjoying time alone, wanting to be alone and not wanting to live or work with lots of people.
  • Wishing to be on own to think clearly and focus on a job that does not require huge amounts of people.
  • As a child, you had a pretend friend.
  • Having an inner sensation when meeting new people - even flashes of their life. What they are like and if they did anything bad (I have this all the time. I can even tell when someone is a criminal)
  • You can recognize peoples jobs and personalities by looking at a picture.
  • You can bet successfully, knowing which horses will win as you see the name or number in your mind. (Yes this is a good trait to have! Comes in handy when I need to make some cash)
  • Negative people drain you making you feel worried and depressed. Unable to spend too much time with others.
  • Sometimes you feel cold, or that someone makes you feel worried for no reason.
  • Often feel you have been to places before but you have not.
  • You are very perceptive of people that you meet.
  • Just knowing things before they happen.
  • I can’t finish on 13, so people seem to turn to you for advice.
  • That you suddenly decide on impulse to do something different. To change your course of action due to your intuition. 
  • You think of someone you know or even never seen for years on end and they suddenly appear to contact you.
  • You can make things happen by just thinking it, that you have a true intent that the future is going to be a certain way.

What is the history of being clairsentient?

Turning to the history the awareness of the psychic ability from the 1900s and onwards and the movement towards using this kind of ability was popular in the new age era (the 1970s and 1980s). Through my research, it is hard to define a certain period when clairsentient became mainstream. I read many definitions in various books and they all say the same thing: It's about one's inner sensations. Consequently how one feels about certain events, people or places. It’s not dissimilar to being psychic, however, clairvoyance is more about looking at the bigger picture through tools rather than inside the heart. Essentially, clairsentient is driven by our feelings. 

How do you open up your clairsentient abilities?

Turning to the need to open up these gifts then I will mention the braches of psychometry below. This is the ability to open up to the following three categories:

  • Telepathy: this is the ability to tune into others. Understand what they are thinking and essentially read someone's mind. Try to think about what people are thinking and ask them. This is the barrier to recognizing the gift and that is being confident enough to ask.
  • Divination: this is the ability to use “tools” to see in the future such as tarot cards or rune stones. The more you use these tools the greater the chance of developing psychic powers.
  • Dreaming: For a long time, I believe that we can see visions in our dreams and that the frequency in which we sleep tunes into the spirit world.

Clairsentience and energy:

As human beings, we all hold DNA and spiritual energy. If we look at our own environment in life we live in a hectic modern world. We have what is known as the reptilian brain and we are unaware of 90% of our brain. The subconscious mind is strong and this is the aspect of our spirit. We are all telepathic in some way, and the exchange of the energy with others is common if we are only aware of it.

Psychic powers are what I believe are naturally created. Everyone with practice can open up their psychic abilities. We can all predict things if we are sensitive.

As human beings, we use our own inner sixth sense which helps us tune into people. There is no need to follow a psychic path or have religious beliefs. I like to say that all people who are psychic can develop skills and “focus” on different energy fields. Being able to connect to your inner dangers and go beyond reality and use your gift for the greater good is what clairsentient is all about. In summary, and thank you for reading all my article. You are probably experiencing some unique gifts which could be clairsentient abilities or have done so all your life. Blessings, Flo x

By Florance Saul
Apr 9, 2018