Chinchilla Animal Totem

Chinchilla Animal Totem

Chinchillas appear spiritually when you want help in monitoring or need a spirit guide to watch a situation.

For example, you require some help in getting finances in order, or you want to understand why someone has treated you in a certain way. Chinchilla's are rodents with smooth fur. They are quite robust animals that are often found in high altitudes like mountainous environment as they like to see the world from the top.

They appear to be quite curious and probing, wishing to discover the whole world. When they are satisfied about the environment in which they live, they endeavor to uncover deep thoughts through examination and exploration.

To cope with the cold, chinchillas have extremely dense fur which is thought to be very popular in the fur trade. This is one of the most costly furs, the chinchilla often becomes imprisoned by the fur industries in order to be killed for clothing and other accessories. Yes, a sad sad thought. Many people whom look after chinchillas state that due to the wide use in fur industries, the chinchilla may become extinct in the near future!!

They also have a defense mechanism which allows them to lose a large patch of fur if grabbed by a predator. This means from a spiritual perspective that you can raise above an enemy if you follow the advice of the chinchilla.

Chinchillas live in social groups usually called herds, having incredible observational skills. They are nocturnal and are very eager in monitoring things and the environment surrounding them. Chinchilla's are well-known for its great impulses and knowledge of when and how to act.

If chinchilla is your symbol then it teaches you the lesson for life of knowing instinctively what corrective action to take and when to act in a problem. It encourages surveillance, vigilance and watchfulness. However, it also motivates one to keep the balance between observation and the atmosphere of virtue and not becoming over inquisitive.

Chinchillas are believed to have a frail digestive system which digests food twice. Nevertheless its digestive system undergoes effective digestion of food. They don’t have the antiperistalsis mechanism because of which they cannot be free of the bad food eaten once. This mechanism of the Chinchilla encourages one to have a good nutrition, eat the best diet and keep exercising. It motivates us to have mainly the healthy food in life - and to aim for high quality nourishment.

Chinchillas have a very similar hearing range to that of human beings. It communicates with a range of sounds, teaching us the art of the exchanging information. Every sound of this bird symbolizes something, for instance when chinchilla is upset it produces a chattering sound, when it is nervous it produces a shrill shriek, when it is anxious it produces a series of noisy squeal and when it is hungry it produces a scrape like a snarl.

Chinchillas are the animals that love consistency and don’t like changes, neither do they adapt in different environments and surroundings. They usually prefer consistent routines and may be stressed out by amendments to their routine. Chinchillas are the herald, the forerunner and the messenger.

Many people believe that one should always listen to the messages and advises brought by chinchillas. When one sees the chinchilla it means it is time to bring equilibrium in life and seeing this totem, encourages one to bring balance in life. One should give respect and pay attention to the advises of the chinchilla.

Chinchilla shows up as a spirit guide when

  • Your routines are disturbed by unwanted things.
  • When you find it difficult to lead from front.
  • When you find it hard to prejudge the future.
  • When you need to be reminded of the virtues of being in a group.
  • You need to be watchful and vigilant of the happenings around you.

Call on a Chinchilla as a spirit guide when

  • You are facing difficulties with your health especially the stomach.
  • You feel it difficult to adjust the demand of society.
  • You find it difficult to maintain friends.
  • You need the strength of group to fight the odds.
  • You need the strength to be more careful to ensure success.

By Florance Saul
Jan 27, 2013