Chakra Animals and their Symbolic Meanings Spiritual Meaning

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Chakra Animals and their Symbolic Meanings

Has it come to your attention about such things as symbolic chakra animals?

Yes, I am dumbfounded too, until I have sought after the answers for my puzzled thoughts. And that has been what I aimed to do in this site—cover all the interpretative efforts for you, my dear readers. Through this, you might just gain deeper understanding about how chakras and symbols can be translated to energies and more implications.

And yes, you can further ask me why. Let me enumerate some reasons. Animals have a certain attachment to nature, and maybe some messages that obviously couldn’t be conveyed using words. Maybe their messages has something to do with us, the possibilities are limitless. A pathway of energy to and from the human body, to and from the world—all these can be described using the knowledge of Chakra. These two are what magnetized my attention; not one or the other, but both reasons together.

Thus, I have realized an urgency to explain myself in this manner and why I am arduous of communications and interpretations of energy. I have illustrated a Chart of Animal Chakra in this page too, just to show you that it is not only me but also you who can be influenced by this language.

Simply determine what you need, and the energies will do the transforming, talking and facilitating to make you achieve a specific goal in your body. For example, a healthy digestion calls for the enhancement of the solar plexus chakra. Looking at the Chart, the ram is the animal responsible for this energy, as it can “push through” digestive blockages, as it is likely indicated. Although there is much logic and research to find the suitable one, it won’t take you long enough to figure out the specifics.

You must familiarize yourself with this system: The chakra, the animal and even the color. Get this and the energies shall be overwhelming, most likely more than enough of what you need. Through experience and continuous practice of this language, I have earned these applications that you might use as well.

The image of the Root is a Muladhara Chakra. The animal associated with this is the Elephant, which is expected to charge through blockages. It is also associated with protection, memories, love, closeness, relationships, and efficiency. The message of the Elephant says “I provide”.

The next is the picture of the Sacral. The Chakra is known to be the Svadhisthana, with the Crocodile as the animal symbolism. The Crocodile represents creativity, development, change and balance, as it is known to act in a manner of diving into the deep, then resurfacing. Thus, its message is “I develop”.

The Ram symbolizes the Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura. This icon is characterized by determination, motivation, Power and Strong Will. It says, “I recharge”.

The Heart Chakra is called Anahata. The Antelope brings us the message saying, “I share”, as it is an animal of gentleness, gracefulness, and inspiration. See how it moves; it leaps over mean intentions.

Next is the Throat, a chakra called Vishudda. We have mentioned earlier that the color is significant; this one is the White Elephant. It is a symbol of purity, communication, harmony and perfection. We are called to its message saying, “I express”.

The Third Eye, with an apparent message of “I guide”, is known as Ajna. A Black Antelope is more of exploration, venturing to the inner realms. It is also an animal symbolism of Trust, Vision, and Truth.

The iconic Crown is Sahasrara, a chakra which, would you believed, is symbolized by an egg. Yes, I used the egg since it seems to say, “I reveal”; it is potential, and an image of purity. The possibility has no limitations. It upholds leverage, specifically, ascension. Actually, the Ancient Hindu Texts did not designate an animal to the 7th chakra. I took the initiative to do so; feel free to use it only as a reference. Yes, you can change it or use it, as long as you understand what Sahasrara meant.

If you appreciated what I just shared, feel free to expand this collection by realizing the Chakras on your own. Rediscover and Seek further, that is my message to you.

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