Celtic Cross: Career

celtic cross

The most popular and well-known of all of the tarot spreads is the Celtic Cross 11 card spread.

The reason why this spread is so often used is because it provides a vast array of information within the spread to give the querant the most information possible.

The reader draws ten (or 11) cards depending on the querent’s preference and each card describes a different influence over the querent’s life.

(1) The first card is chosen to describe the querant either physically or emotionally using usually a face card (Page, Knight, King or Queen of any given suit that fits the querant) and represents the present moment as well as how the querant is perceiving the situation.

(2) This card is placed on top of card #1 to represent the challenge that the querant is facing at this specific moment. If resolved, the querent’s life would be a lot easier. If this card comes up as a ‘positive’ card, challenge is needed to determine how the card is a challenge to you.

(3) This card is placed to the left of the center of the spread and represents the events which have led up to the present situation that they have found themselves in, which describes how the challenge came about in the first place.
(4) The fourth card is placed directly to the right of the center, ‘in front’ of the querant which represents the future that is probable very soon should all things remain the same as they are immediately within the reading. This card does not represent the final outcome, but merely presents the next step that the querant should take.
(5) This card is directly above the center where the querant is located which reflects the goals or aspirations of the querant regarding the current situation. This represents what the querant needs to work on while they attempt to figure out their issue.

(6) The sixth card is located directly beneath the center of the spread where the querant is and it represents all of the stabilizing forces that exist to help the querant at this time. This is a very spiritual card because it represents the deeper and more core issues of the current situation as well as the underlying emotions involved.

(7) The 7th card is the first card that begins the journey toward the final outcome toward the end of the reading. This card is located to the right of the reading, beginning at the bottom right starting a line that the remaining cards will follow. This card represents advice that needs to be taken into account all that is happening within the life of the querant. Following this guidance will help the querant succeed.

(8) The 8th card is placed above the 7th card creating a row pointing upward. This card is representative of the external influences that surround the querant at this time. This could come in the form of judgmental people or events that are just simply out of their control.

(9) The 9th card is above the 8th in the line and represents the querant’s hopes and fears. This is one of the more difficult positions to decipher primarily because sometimes we are not really aware of what it is that we are afraid of. You may want to consider drawing a clarification card if you are confused about what this card means to you.

(10) The 10th card is the final outcome card.  This card represents where the situation for the querant is heading and how the issue will be resolved based on the steps the cards have directed them to take.  If the outcome is not a good one, remember that the cards are saying that if nothing changes in your current circumstances this is how it will end. However you always have the power to improve on your circumstances to change the outcome. Follow the advice of the cards.

By Florance Saul
Feb 5, 2017