Cauda Draconis

Cauda Draconis

Cauda Draconis is a powerful figure in geomancy.

It consists of dots arranged in a single, single, single, double formation and represents the tail of the dragon. It is often seen as a negative indicator in a reading, especially so if the figure appears in the first house.

This is another geomantic figure that is associated with the moon, the energy of this symbol is fluid yet active. The even base of the figure shows that the energy is based on a solid foundation. This is not a fleeting energy, but rather a steadfast force that is coming into one’s life.

Geomancy Symbols

Much like the Death card in tarot, Cauda Draconis indicates that change is on the horizon because both signifiers represent endings, misfortune, sudden losses or a major disruption to the natural order in one’s life.  Because the zodiacal representation of Sagittarius, the force behind Cauda Draconis is said to be fluid and mutable. This is one bit of good news with this symbol. While it can indicate destruction and change, the transitions that are present at the time of the reading are not likely to be entirely destructive or to influence every aspect of a person’s life.

Cauda Draconis, being the tail of the dragon, is the reversed figure of Caput Draconis, which is the head or mouth of the dragon. When these two figures appear in a reading together, this is an especially contradictory time. On one hand you will witness sudden change, feeling the need to move, to get involved, or to be proactive. At the same time, you may feel sluggish and resistance. It can also be a representation of being overwhelmed. When the two appear together, the querant is likely facing a “one or the other” situation where they feel that a decision must be made, however, they need to remember that without the tail the dragon lacks dexterity and without the head it has no logic or thought. Think of oneself as the dragon, fully complete at the present time to handle all situations in their path.

When Cauda Draconis appears in a geomantic reading solo, the dragon is incomplete. Some may say that it is a “wag the dog” situation, where cooler heads are needed in a situation. It indicates that a querant needs to step up to the plate, take decisive action or to present a strong front against adverse odds.

Change is an inevitable part of life and resistance is futile. When this figure is present in reading you can trust that whatever challenges are present at the moment are necessary for positive growth. It is a reminder to the querant that this is not a time to back down or to give up. Moving forward, though struggle and adversity will lead to victory. Consider it a reminder that there can be no light without the darkness, no good without evil. There is a natural balance between the positive and negative forces in the world. Head through this time of darkness with fierce determination and the reward will be great.

By Florance Saul
Feb 19, 2017