Cat Prints Symbolism-Working with animal totem

Cat Prints Symbolism-Working with animal totem

That track of cat prints did not escape my astuteness, if I may refer to it as such.

One snowy morning, the cat prints were all I could think about.

If I may declare, any kind of paw print is metaphorically an oracle. Let me help you interpret such pictures, even though you might realize that you have never taken notice on these things.

Actually, any animal track can have a meaning. Specifically, if ever you can take some time to observe the tracks, take note of the nature of the animals. Also, you can interpret the position of the paw prints and the direction of the tracks in general. If possible, identify the environment and weather around the tracks. Now, try to relate them to you, maybe your current life situation or a thought you’ve been pondering on recently.

Visualize a cat print that has one line. The sole of the back feet swings up to meet the front feet, and almost settling or overlapping the first prints made—not exactly straight, but following a line to a specific direction. This is an indication of focus, essentially. We must analyze our visions and goals, and this track speaks of continuity and having a single trail of thought.

Going back to my first picture of cat paws printed in the snow, those prints resembled purification, clarity, and sincerity. Unlike other deep realizations, this one’s fairly simple—snow is white and is of water. White is for purity and integrity, while water is a form of cleansing.

Cats that are domesticated appear to be mysterious, but aside from that, they also signify chance and liberty, and then the meanings go deeper as more layers are uncovered. Mine were seemingly directed to the North. The North is an indication of new beginnings, originality, intelligence, and ideas.

Looking at the larger picture, cat prints lead you toward focusing only on the very core of the situation, and only base this on truth. No beating around the bushes, target the cause and focus on the very situation using a heart that has only pure motives. Only the truth can set us free, and doors open for new opportunities to come gushing forth. Consequently, it is a cycle, and on that cycle one must be consistent. If you fail to be, the goals you have set will also fail along with you.

Further interpretations regarding cats can be found in a post I made especially for the Cat Animal symbolism. If you plan to use the cat as your totem, you might want to check out this page. I also made another unique page for other symbolic meanings of animal tracks. Suit yourself.

To give you a general insight, animal tracks are meaningful when you view them in a spiritual point of view. There are interconnections that just might bring a shock and more realizations. Do not contain yourself when you can otherwise go out and explore such realms. Feed your spirit.

By Florance Saul
Mar 24, 2013