The cassowary, even though it is a bird, it is said to be one of the most dangerous birds in existence in the world today.

With a thick armor that keeps it protected almost all the time and a huge innermost claw that allows it to fight which proved to be fatal to humans - it is the epitome of offense and defense in one, and is proving itself to be much more powerful and far more dangerous than the eagle or falcon.

In addition, it has a key role in maintaining the abundance of nature because it has helped in spreading multiple numbers of seeds all over the globe because it is mainly a fruit eater. They make the forests maintain it lush green and keeping it alive.

The cassowary is attributed to strength and the ability to protect you in many different situations with a good mix of defense and offense.

It teaches us to play by our strengths, take advantage of what you know you can do well and exploit the over confidence of some of the opponents because they underestimate your kind, being a smaller species, and use that to your advantage - the key is not to be intimidated and just what you do best.

Cassowaries are strong and have the ability to either crush what is in front of them or just fly over them but it prefers the first one mentioned. It believes that when you have an obstacle blocking your way, you many options, but it is always better for you to face it, overcome the obstacle, and crush it to dust in the process - harsh but it has good side to it.

When you completely erase an obstacle that is hounding you so bad, it could boost your self confidence and once you encounter it one more time, you already will have the knowledge to play through it, and if you might, you can find other means of overcoming such obstacle.

It may also be deeply rooted in the forest because it is its home and it does not have anywhere else it would rather be. It takes pride in its home, it will defend it until the very end for it is one of the creatures that lives in it that actually helps in making it grow, in making it stronger than it already is and once it is in danger, it will fight for the survival of its home no matter who or what endangers it.

In relation to humans, it instills in us that we should know our strengths and use them to the best of out abilities because it was given to us for a reason and we should use it for the benefit of not only ourselves, but for others as well.

In addition, we should take pride of what we have and enforce yourself and do not let others change you, if they block your way, then do any means possible, except violence, to break them down and too let them believe. It simply tells us that be ourselves, and no amount of intimidation will get to us.

Cassowary shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be courageous.
  • You need protection.
  • You need to connect to other creatures.
  • You feel very vulnerable.
  • You need to be strong.

Call on Cassowary as a spirit guide when

  • You feel vulnerable to some situation.
  • You need to connect to the rain forest.
  • You need to use protective Armour.
  • You feel shy.
  • You need power.

By Florance Saul
Mar 24, 2013