Caput Draconis

Caput Draconis

Caput Draconis contains an unbalanced dot formation of double, single, single, single.

The two nodes on top are balanced by a straight row, which can be difficult to balance. The shape of the symbol is said to represent the head or an open mouth of the dragon. This representation is spot on, when you consider that the meaning of the figure is “head of the dragon” in Latin.

Geomancy Symbols

Like it’s counterpart Cauda Draconis, this geomantic figure represents part of the whole. It is ruled by the moon, and the two symbols together represent the different aspects of lunar energy, a balance of the light and dark side.

Caput Draconis, being the head is linked to the north node of the moon and is an important aspect of dragon reading in modern astrology practices. This figure contains powerful energy as it takes in solar influences whenever there is an eclipse, figuratively with the head of the dragon swallowing the sun.

Caput Draconis can represent an uneasy time in a person’s life as it often shows up during beginnings such as budding relationships, a new job or the birth of a baby. Where Cauda Draconis is the setting sun, Caput Draconis is the sunrise.

It can be seen as fire along the horizon just as the dawn breaks. That being said, it makes sense that the elemental influence of this geomantic figure is active in all except fire. What this means for a querant is that there are big changes on the horizon, but they are likely to be positive and steadfast.

The changes that are reflected with this figure tend to be slow moving. With earth, air and water all actively moving forward, it can represent a new dawn in all areas of one’s life. The passive fire elemental influence provides motivation and manifestation, often in controlled amounts.

This means that change will come naturally, even if it wasn’t planned for. This perhaps reveals the key to understanding the spirit of this figure.

Often Caput Draconis is associated with anxiety or unrest, because when it pops up something in a querant’s life has changed. When the change was planned for, the consequences are well-received. Think of it as when a woman is pregnant.

If she is wanting a baby, feeling stable in her relationship and a baby was the goal then the news of pregnancy is usually celebrated. In the case of an unplanned pregnancy, it can sometimes take a moment for the reality to sink in.

Imagine this mother (and in many cases the father as well) who is so nervous about a baby, that they fret about the future, feel inadequate or feel fear and anxiety at first but over time these feelings change into positive acceptance.

The result would be considered positive in both situations but the process is different. Of course, this doesn’t mean that when you’re seeing Caput Draconis in your reading that you’ll be expecting specifically, but the analogy can be applied to most people’s life. For those that want to argue that a baby isn’t always positive, try to visualize something else more pleasant to you personally and you’ll get the idea.

When you see this figure in your geomancy reading, consider any recent changes in your life. If you’re not psyched about the changes, try to consider all of their connections and how the outcome could be positive. You’re in the process of a powerful, perhaps life-altering upswing.

By Florance Saul
Feb 19, 2017